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A Very LOUD Newsflash

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Good Afternoon Cybernations,

It's been a while since I posted a topic on here :o All right, now for srs bsns

[srs bsns] It brings me great joy to announce the Second Ascendancy of LOUD, which is hereby instated into office. The Second Ascendancy of LOUD is made of the following three men, which I am proud and honored to be a apart of.

Second Ascendancy of LOUD



The Chosen One

[/srs bsns]

For the next few days there will be partying in #LOUD and some crazy stuff on our Forums.


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First off I'd like to say it's a true honor being back in government in LOUD especially to be in the Ascendancy I can only hope to do as good job as the first Ascendancy did. And don't worry I think Balthier might be in there again sooner or later ;)

o/ LOUD!

o/ The Ascendancy old and new!

o/ LOUD's friends and allies!

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