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Solarien Federacy Annexed by Dragonisia! Federal government found in anarchy.

Maelstrom Vortex

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ooc: Solarien Federacy is officially off the map, over 20 days since last post and post rate of less than .17/ day at a grand total of 14 posts.


## Bengaluru, India ##

Tom Clark came to the podium, "We have discovered that the reason for Solarien Federacy's silence in late months seems to be related to a budgetary failure and mismanagement of its federal government. The country was bordering on anarchy and even civil war. We sent representatives to all local government and provincial officials to inquire as to if they would wish to reorganize with our aid, under the banner of a United India. The vast majority approved of this proposal and an agreement was reached that we should peacefully annex this former nation into our care. There is a rallying cry in India for unity of the old state. We intend to grant the people, even across the borders, these wishes. We will begin talks with Marscurian shortly to see if they would like to participate in a land exchange where India would be totally unified and they would be granted the historic state of Pakistan which is part of our current protectorate holdings."

## In the Solarien Federacy ##

Government officials moved in to help local governments re-organize and hold elections. A marginal garrison force entered the nation and began to secure it for its protection from external attack.

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