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CNRP: Cessation of nation existance


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At the height of its Power the 'The Democratic United Kingdom of Sassain, its Lands, Territories and Dependencies', (DUKS) included a quarter of South America, the islands of the South Atlantic, the Ross Peninsular of Antarctica, the Juan Fernandez Islands, The South Sandwich, and Orkney islands and Elephant island.


A quiet and peaceful nation, its social democracy was unusual in a world of grand narratives, ideologies and political 'systems'. It was rich and prosperous, playing host to a number of international congress and tours including 'The South American Accords':


Sassain had a large nuclear capable military:


and even launched craft into space and built an SDI to protect an entire continent:


But all good things come to an end.

The DUKS hereby ceases to exist, its inhabitant transported to another plain of reality (OOC: another RP game).

Under the South American Accords, the lands of Sassain hereby go to the remaining SSA signatories; Dellian Empire, Lubeck and Coldstream.

Article V - Other obligations of signatories

v.1 - If any signatory ceases to exist it lands and territories should go to the other signitories by default.

It is my hope that they declare these lands free for settlement by new nations, but they are theirs to do with as they wish.

The single exception is the 100km by 10km island of South Georgia, to which the King and some of his most loyal followers will establish a tiny kingdom upon its barren and frozen shores. Fishing, mining, sealing, whaling and tourism will be all we have. May those that follow us enjoy the verdant and generous land we once did.

- His Royal Highness King Esus.

(OOC: it's been fun, but i don't really have time to keep up with it all, especially in the new improved confusing structure :P I'd like to hang around so want to re-roll a tiny nation so insignificant no one really cares about it ;)

Thanks to Josh and Centurius and Franz Ferdinand for being good allies and fun to RP with :).

South Georgia is the crescent shaped island out in the sea to the east and south of South America, btw, plan is for a population of 10,000 or so huddled in little ports, might be fun, certainly worth a try).


- Sassain ceases to exist

- Land goes to Lubeck, Dell and Colstream

- KingEsus as a character retains the island of S Georgia, expect a new RP soon.

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The Union would like to inquire to the nations holding Sassain about the possible purchase of the South Sandwich Islands from them. Money, weapons, and technology can be offered to the nations.

The nation of Lübeck is sorry to say that we are not considering selling the South Sandwich Islands or any other land held by the country.

Edited by Franz Ferdinand
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Dranagg would like to inquire on the statues of the lands of the peninsula. We are quite interested in gaining land to replace the temporary port, and surrounding area for it, with a more permanent, and safe, location. The Sassian Antarctic land would fit perfectly for our needs.

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