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The end of Bosporan


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OOC: Will explain it in a more detailed RP later but yeah the IC part is self-explanatory.


The former President walked to the stage followed by a man in a suit obviously someone from a large corporation.

"Citizens of Bosporan, citizens of the World,

Following Internal Events and a tempting offer I hereby use my Emergency authority to dissolve the UBSR and create Astrakhan World Services a stock market noted Mercenary Company and Arms Selling Enteprise. Following this there will be multiple changes;

-The Government will be replaced by a Board of Directors and CEO

-All Parties with the exception of the Workers Union will be dissolved.

-The Workers Union will always hold a majority share.

-All treaties with the exception of the Comintern are hereby dissolved

-All citizens will be considered employed by AWS and get paid as such

-All National Industries are hereby part of AWS

-All Foreign Companies will in stead of tax pay a similar amount of money to AWS to serve in it's territory

-AWS will continue all Communist policies internally

-AWS will not fight against certain nations, this list is classified.

-For the moment AWS will not sell Nuclear Services.

That is all"after which they both left the stage.

OOC: Recovered mostly from my flu so giving it another try

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"A mercenary provision has been added to the Dragon Bloc Charter in lieu of your potential membership. Would you like to join it and help us shield Asia from aggression?"

After extensive debating with the Board of Directors, the CEO agrees.

Signed for Astrakhan World Services Inc,
CEO Nikita Akhatova

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"We welcome AWS into the fold. There is a vote outstanding for elections to the vice-chairmanship, we encourage you to consider a nomination if you have not done so already if the candidates that have so far been offered are not preferable."

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Uralic Bashkortostan recognises, and looks forward to working with, Astrakhan World Services. Our former Estovakian brethren from what is now AWS will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of us Uralic-Bashkirs :)

OOC: I hope I'm one of those classified nations you won't attack :P

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