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A way to get some cash


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I'm just curious about how much should a nation at 2,777 NS make after bills? Right now, I make about $40,000. I was also wondering if I could get some help with what I should look for in trades, and what I should focus on buying most.


Lumber and silver






Guerilla Camps (1) and Barracks (1)

Working Citizens:


Any advice would be appreciated :)

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well, where to begin...

- your improvements are crap

- your trade setup is worse

- you have by far too much tech for a nation with your infra (sell everything but 15.x (30.x if you want to import uranium)), from the cash you get, buy more infra

i suggest you read the nation guide which is sticky here in the gameplay discussions board. you will find most basic informations for a solid setup there.

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You have a very disturbing start here. Somethings telling me that youve bought more Tech then infra, and also, i have 270 Infra and im 1.100.00 NS! Also, why Barracks and whats shocking me the most, GUERILLA CAMPS? They would make your nation weak as anything.

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Guerilla camps are the worst improvements in the game they hurt your nation far more than they help it and NOBODY in a sane mind will buy them. Also if anyone tells you to purchase anything other than 1 harbor and 5 factories first they haven't done their research.


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I have one Factory and a Bank that really doesn't make you any money does it? I see the most you can buy is 5 factories and that is where all your money comes from? I also have a port, my Infa 434.52 and I'm not really make that much money with my Taxies at 20% but I dont really want to go any higher on the taxies either. I was wondering what some of the more advance player would do?

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You have pretty good improvements Silent14. I would put your "taxies" upto 28% because that is the best for your nation. Get another bank next as your next improvement. Also, change your threat and defcon level and sort out your trades, make sure you have the same colour trades and dont try to get all the bonus resources :)

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Harbor > Bank > Stadium > Bank > Stadium > Bank > Stadium > Bank > Stadium > Bank > Stadium > Factory x 5

That setup works quite well. Honestly, you really don't need factories from 0-1,000 infrastructure as the prices aren't even that high relative to post-2,000.

The infra reduced cost will allow him to buy around the same amount of infra someone with banks could. Then you reach the jump <_<.....You can see why Factories are better. Also When you resieve aid the Factories will put that aid to better use.

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