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  1. Oh my god...... Yeah, they are around that...and haha, this is embarrasing... I've obviously paid my bills first (without giving it much notice), left it for a while, gone on facebook, checked emails, came back to it and thought 'WHERE'S 30 MILLION GONE?' It's weird cause I never pay bills first, I always collect taxes first, so I know where i've gone wrong. Sorry guys . Maybe I need to pay attention to what i'm doing more! xD Thanks for pointing that out, although collecting my bills afterwards would of really solved the 'mystery' straight away without needing to go on the forums. Haha, yeah this can be closed, or deleted
  2. Yeah thats why I ruled out the spy operation. And I had paid for that wonder a couple of days ago, and yesterday I had bought 10 levels of infrastructure and some land, which put me down to $1 Billion, and I wouldn't buy anything else after that because as I said, I like to keep it 1 Billion or above as a safety net. I also didn't move any space wonders or anything like that, this is why I am so confused.
  3. Hello, yesterday I had $1 Billion (give or take a million), and as i've logged into my nation today I have $970 Million. I try not to go below a float of $1 Billion, and also I had brought a wonder a few days ago so I couldn't of bought another yesterday (I would of also remembered if I had done ). I've checked infrastructure, land and technology levels and they all look the same as they did yesterday. I don't know how you guys can fix this, or if you guys can find out whats actually happened. It just kinda sucks to lose that amount of money randomly. Also is it actually possible that this was just a spy operation (a very successful one at that)? I don't even know if spies can take that much away anyway, and considering it was like $30 Million straight, just seems a bit too precise. Any help from mods or the admin would be much appreciated, thanks. (Oh, and yes, I haven't been on these forums in a loooongggg timeeeee hehe) EDIT: I haven't collected my taxes or paid bills yet, so I didn't have like a huge bill increase, not that it would make sense if I did anyway.
  4. *BUMP* Come on people, it will benefit you just as much as me!
  5. I'm looking for ONE tech seller, one that is frequently active and can send tech on time. I pay 3 million for 100 tech, expierenced tech dealer preferred, if not, state here. Thanks.
  6. http://z6.invisionfree.com/TDO1 Join today!
  7. Make a peaceful choice. http://z6.invisionfree.com/TDO1
  8. Your neutral, however, your attacking other nations? Do tech deals, then you won't be poor. Though, your really not going to get far. No matter how much money you get aided, your still going to get raided. Just join a neutral alliance, instead. *COUGH* TDO *COUGH*
  9. Join for the joy of being neutral! http://z6.invisionfree.com/TDO1
  10. Join today!!! http://z6.invisionfree.com/TDO1
  11. I only pay 3 million if its for 100 tech, personally I think if your going to give 3 million for 50 tech, you might aswell just aid them with 3 million. Your not getting your money's worth. Thats my opinion, though. I remember ages ago when It was 3 million/150 tech. I think 3 million for 50 tech is a bit pointless for big nations, expecially if that nation your doing the deal with is not in your alliance, maybe an exception is in place if that nation is new to the game and apart of your alliance. Plus if I want to keep up to date with my tech buying, then 50 tech deals arent really going to help. It's a bit of a "In my day" scenario with me
  12. Come on in!!! http://z6.invisionfree.com/TDO1
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