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Looking for red team allaince


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I'm pijapee (as you can see) and i've created my nation two weeks ago. But when I did, I made the wrong decision. I chosed to join NPO and tried to achieve all their expectations. I made all my trades with red nation team members. But when I tried to join, NPO had war with Jarheads. Exodus , a member of jarheads, saw that I was trying to join them and attacked me. Whe are now a week later and the war with Exodus costed me till this day 25 thousand. When you think that's it, NPO keep sending me warnings that I or had to join them (which you can't when you are at war) or leave them. Because when I don't they are going to attack me to :P. I'm sure now I'm never going to join them but I wonder if there are other alliances with red nation teams or alliances that don't care wich nation team you are. This is my nation http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=305423 , don't expect much of it. I've been in war, remember. In the beginning there were two members of Jarheads, so that made it eve worse.

your sincerely,


P.S. just saw that i made a mistake in the title of my topic. Sorry folks, hope you all forgive me :P

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There is no alliance on the red team except NPO, You must change to some other team if you want to join other alliances

, If you want you can join Soldier, A Black Team Alliance, but first you have to make peace with that Jarheads Guy

If you are wishing to join, Join us at cn-soldier.com/forums, Register and post an application at the Enlistment Office

Things you must do to join Soldier ::

Change to Black Team

Make Peace with any nation, you are at war with

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I wonder if there are other alliances with red nation teams or alliances that don't care wich nation team you are.

Yes, they are typically called "multi" color/sphere alliances (such as OSA, which chris447 mentioned), and allow nations of all colors to join their ranks. Though, actually, even some speci-color alliances will allow a few multi-color nations to join (especially if the alliance is still small, looking for members). This (click the link) is the most up-to-date alliance listing for each and all color(s) of CN to my knowledge, though it may be said that some of the alliances listed there have since disbanded. At the bottom of that list are many of the current multi-sphere alliances. Look it over, click a few of the forum links, do a search in "Player Created Alliances" for their recruitment topic if you'd like, and see if you can't find one favorable to you.

And, if all else fails, I'm certain that you will get a few recruitment offers in this thread as well (looks like you've got two already :lol:).

Is there anything else you are looking for in an alliance besides being multi-color?

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I'm not sure I understood what you said, but am I right in understanding that you changed your mind about joining the NPO once they went to war? Looking at your screen, it appears you were attacked while flying the New Pacific Order AA. And, since then, have changed alliances. This means you left your alliance in the middle of war while actively engaged. This is a BAD THING.

I'm pretty sure when you applied to Pacifica, someone asked you "what do honor and loyalty mean to you". I'd be interested in seeing your response to that question.

If you were attacked while a member of the NPO or an applicant, you should have brought this to your Battalion Lieutenant or Academy instructor's attention. They would have assisted you to the limits of their ability.

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