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Cainettian Elections

Stefano Palmieri

Cainette Elections  

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Ladies and Gentlemen today general elections have been called in Cainette. Although 4 parties applied to be registered, only 5 were approved.

Social Democratic Party

The largest Party in Cainette and tipped to be the winners of these elections. The recent merge with the Communist party of Cainette has led to this party to becoming the largest in Cainettian History. Headed by The Way Brothers with Gerard Way head of the party and Mikey Way, the current governer of Cain Province they intend to represent the views of the people while working with Monarchy as the Emporer himself is a member of the party.

Center Party

The Smallest Party in Cainette the Center party aims to comprimise the views of the left and the right and form a moderate-conservative government. Led by Mr Fredrick Greiger with his deputy Lady Georgette Deitrietch they are looking for a moderate Cainette.

Nationalist Party

The Farthest Right of the Cainettian Parties they are extremely conservative and would like to see nothing more than the Socialists disposed of. The party consists mainly of Upper-Upper Middle class bussiness men and therefore is predicited to only get a small proportion of the vote. Headed by Dame Maria Vinnia and Captain George Blockenheima this party is for those who dislike change.

National Cainettian Peoples Party

A moderate Left Party who while internally conservative has a very expansionist veiw, especially concerning smaller states. They look to socialism as a way of uniting the people in an effort to rule those who cannot rule themselves. Headed by Henrietta Hiloska they are the Second smallest party in the state. They are predicted to get little to no vote.

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"To each party, if you win the election, what will Cainette's foreign policies be?"

Mr Way, SDP: Our foreign policy would be one of looking toward our own interests with out being so agressive, we do not want to see a repeat of Europe.

Mr Greiger, CP: We echoe our Socialist countrymen on this.

Dame Maria Vinnia, NP: We would look to our Fellow North American Nations to improve relations before looking over seas. We would become more, isolationist on a global level.

The NCPP, refused to comment on the question.

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The National Cainettian Peoples Party has our favor.

We would like to ask the Leader of their party, however, how they would deal with other Socialist nations, such as Timor, and other non-socialist nations?

Henrietta Hiloska: All socialist nations would be very much in our favour, non socialist/communist nations shall be shunned upon until they see the light.

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On the 28/2/2009 General Elections in Cainette were called by the Imperial court of Cainette. On this day 8/3/2009 counting was completed by the Cainettian Election Bureau. The results are thus:

TOTAL VOTES:1,094,020

Split up of Votes:

Social Democartic Party: 33.33% of the total Vote, 364,661 votes.

National Cainettian Peoples Party:28.57% of the total vote, 312,551 votes.

Nationalist Party: 23.81% of the total vote, 260,478 votes.

Centre Party:14.29% of the total vote, 156,330 votes.

The Social Democratic Party is Declared the winner of the General Elections.

Announcement from the Social Democratic Party and the National Cainettian Peoples Party

Today the Social Democratic Party and the National Cainettian Peoples Party have decided to form a grand coalition to run this nobel country. As such we have decided on the following Cabinet.

Chancellor:Mr Gerard Way (SDP)

Vice Chancellor/Minister of the Interior: Mrs Lyn-z Way (NCPP)

Minister of Foreign Affaris: Dr Peta Hinely (SDP)

Minister of Defence:Mrs Megan Osbourne (SDP)

Minister for the Environment:Baroness Paula Jaddamen (NCPP)

Minster for Economics: Dr George Groener (NCPP)

Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth: Count Benjamin Vallabise (SDP)

Minister of Education: Dr Alexandera Seekt (NCPP)

Minister of Health: Dr Ollivander Freida (SDP)

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection: Dr Robert Howard (NCPP)

Minister of Finance: Mrs Isla Bridgington (NCPP)

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs: Mr Cedric Hindenborg (SPD)

Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs: Mr Ulrich von Gotenburg (SDP)

Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development: Mrs Sage Fischer (SDP)

Minister of Justice: Countess Irene Vallabise (NCPP)


At the meeting of the NCPP Henrietta Hiloska stormed out of the building in rage as her party voted to form a coalition with the SDP. Later that day her car was found wrapped around a tree. She died on impact.

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