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Action Limit Cuts Off Early


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I was in the process of selling lots of infra in order to pay my insane amount of bills, however I noticed that I was getting close to the 1000 actions limit. So, I started counting down my actions til 999 in order so that my last action could be to pay the bills. When I got to about 990 or 989, it signed me off and gave me this message:

You have received an error trying to view a page. Here is the detailed error code: You've had a pretty busy day in Cyber Nations today and we would like to preserve processing power for all users to participate in the game equally. Please come back after the midnight server update to continue on with the game. To avoid this message in the future please try to limit your activity in the game to standard gameplay actions. (ie. non-statistic gathering activities)

This surprised me greatly since I was sure that I counted perfectly.... (Kinda hard not to... :P)

Any possible way to fix this possible glitch?

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Was the 1500 limit just for Hunter for a once off thing? or will the limit be increased across the board for everyone from now on?

1000 is a wartime amount, 1500 is normal in peacetime. Probably Admin forgot to change it back after the war of the coalition.

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