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[CNRPS]The Storm Dragons march into Illinois.

Maelstrom Vortex

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ooc: KY isn't very big, so I'm going to nab a state or two more.. nowhere near as big as Japan yet.

After they had secured northern Kentucky, the 1st Army was told to trail-blaze for settlers into Illinois along with the 1st Corps of Engineers. They bridged the Ohio with temporary bridges as engineers set to building metal girder structures for permanent civilian transportation and an expansion of the road system. They plowed north to the Great lakes, a drove of the citizens behind them seeking new opportunities and new real-estate to claim/build upon.

A regional capitol was established in historical Springfield, it was named, "Lair." They began to fortify the borders of their newly claimed region as they had with Kentucky, establishing fortification lines, bunkers, an AA system, and a radar grid. Civil authorities and utilities began to roll in behind them with some venture capitalists rolling out new power grids with the help of the DECM capital markets and multiple IPOs.

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