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Leviathan Accords membership Internal Memos

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"We will do anything we can to support the front lines, however we are not nearly strong enough to do much of importance. If you find any small land or air based missions we would be happy to accomplish them. Cafrey hospital will be open to those wounded and unable to fight. We will ready our men, and prepare supplies to be shipped. Othello is now at DefCon 1." -Minister of Defence-

EDIT 1+2-Forgot to say about DefCon, then fixed spelling.

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As per our new foreign strategy outlook since the Francoist government won the elections, we will be greatly honored to help.

IndoChinese Post Please Click

Also, we will be seeking greater relations with the UFE. Can Dragonisia be of assistance?

We will be lowering to Defcon 4, but currently tank aircraft and naval production are stalled.

(OOC:I'm bankrolling 15 days for 4999.99 infra jump.)

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