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(CNRPS) The Korrigan gang


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A race of mountain folk, who find the cold something pleasurable, the Korrigan are slowly populating the mountain of Ben Nevis. It is the largest mountain on the British isles...but they dont know that yet. Actually, they know very little. They are a primative people who's intellectual level has yet to be fully developed. They arent that strong yet, either. Thier average hieght is around 3 foot 8 inches. They have little care in the world, they simply want to climb the mountain.

They are not united. They are dived into clans. The Kornandon, Ozigan, Nozigan, Torrigan, Viltañs, Poulpikan, Paotred ar sabad... These are traditional clans made up of One elder male member and several woman, mostly 7-9. These woman would be praised, and loved, and the men would work to become the head of the house to fulfill the wishes of the woman around him. In return, they would bare him children and please him with housing and food. They follow thier religion. They pray in dolmens and worship the mountain as its idol for all of its good graces. They keep these traditions and are unkind to those who dont worship anything. They speak Scottish Gaelic, or Gàidhlig, but cant write.

Yet one stood away from them all. The Traeh'evarb gang. It did not follow these traditional values. They even stayed away from the mountain. They were not socially respected by thier fellow brothern. They talked of men and women being one for one, and equal. The men in this gang(not clan like the others) were stronger, and worked well with one woman instead of several. The one for one change made for less men to be killed off, and for more sons to be had.

The men were taller then the women. They had long facial har and wore layers of cloth. They mined the mountain for ore and fished at the Loch. They were capable of fire and were handy with tools. They loved to dig, climb, and have sex. They carry around pickets, axes, and swords. They are violent and if you come near thier mountain, home, or women, you will die.

The women are the ones you should fear. They sing a song and if you fall in love with it, they will have you forever. They believe themselves princesses and have the men fetch them whatever they desire. They have this sense of smell that allows them to sniff out sulfur, iron, and anything magnetic. They have a quick finger of chucking knives from thier long hair. They carry homemade poison within thier breasts that will numb a body in one drop. Be wary of them, for they are just as fierce warriors as the men.

- - - - -

*In the building of the first town of The Traeh'evarb gang. *

"I feel we are not wanted by the others, they dont like us hunting near the mountain. Brother, the animals feed there." Said Tar, the youngest hunter.

"They are stubborn but we will triumph without them. Let us keep hunting." said Pug, leader of the gang

The two gathered a group of 5 together and set out, away from the mountain towards the Loch. They fished for a day and made thier way back to the women.

After dinner was fixed, Pug climbed the scots pine to the top. He looked outwards to a barren plain, few miles away. He pondered his dream until his wife sung her song. He dismounted the tree and ran for home. He reached his den and made love to his wife. As they layed there, he said, "What if we moved to the plain?"

His wife looked to him and said, "Is that not something the other clans would not like? We have already displeased them so far. I do not wish to uset our brothers and sisters more."

At this, he replied, "Have I not brought our family to a better place? A place outside of thier failed traditions? I wish for you to come with me, but if you find them more important than I shall have to strive the climb."

"The climb?" His wife said puzzled.

"I shall climb the mountain, reach the top and seek my wish from thier god to go to the plain. I am stronger than them. I can do."

"So be it" She said, turning to her side away from them.

The next day, the gang travelled to the base, greated by the high priestess, Roe.

"What occasion are we greated by your presense?"

"Cut the crap, I'm here to climb the mountain for a well wish from you all." Pug snapped back

"So be it, but you will fail...Like all the others."

The high priestest brought them to the side of the mountain. Pug was about to climb when the Priestess said, "What is your wish, if I might ask?"

"For you to move with us to the plain."

The high priestess grew angry, but did not say anything. When he went to climb, she beckoned him. "This wish is too great for just one man to climb for. Your men must climb with you."

"I will not sacrifice them for this wish."

"Then it will not happen."

Pug looked to his brother and his brother looked to the men. They nodded and Tar smiled. They began thier ascent to a better life.

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OOC: Well, this is unique...nicely done!

OOC: Thanks, I keep it real...ish


The Korriganian religion does not fully clear up when the race came to be, but it says that they were awakened by the screaming of a distant titan, calling to them to save the mountain from invasion, for thier fathers fathers had fought off the beings of Ulduarians.

These people looked like Korriganians but, were unpleasant in stature, as if the gods pushed them aside so hard thier backs could not bear the weight. So they limp along, looking for a place the Korriganian can not reach them, or find them. Since none of this race had ever been able to reach the top, little did they know what awaited them.

- - - - -

Pug and Tar and the rest of the men made thier way up, slowly making thier way to the frost and snow. The sheets of ice were rough on thi9er hands and skin and made the climb more uneasy. Slowly, they came to a halt. They didnt expect it to be this fierce, nevertheless, they picutred in thier mind that no one else made it this far.

The wind was uneasy, it made Pug feel bitter and tempered. He knew he must not lose his cool to nature, for she is a foul one. He grabbed his picket and began to drive it into the ledge.

"Together men."

They began to dig a hole, large enough for them to rest and take a breathe that would not freeze in thier lungs. When they ripped the last stone out, they sat inside and waited for the wind to slow and for nature to let them pass.

Tar nudged his brother, "Its a rough one, isnt it?"


The 11 men caught thier breathe and saw the snow fall become more calm, they made thier way out and continued up the slope. They made it to an elevated plain, which made the peak less wide, but the slope more intense. At this view, they pondered whether or not to turn back.

"No, we have come too far, we will not think this. We must con..."

Pug's speech was broken up as a rock hit his leather shoulder armor. He turned to find an Ulduarian awaiting him with a sword. The Ulduarian swung and missed, as Pug reached for his axe, a fist smashed into his face. He fell to the ground but was able to draw his axe. He faced it over his body to keep himself from being exposed. The rest of the men drew thier arms as other Ulduarians arrived. The two parties were about to clash until a sudden voice came from the direction of the peak.


A tall, slim, powerful looking creature approached the two parties, and the Ulduarians put thier weapons in thier holsters and bowed. An elder looking Korrigan approached.

"I am Yorg, I am the Lord of this mountain and protector of the Ulduarians. What buisness do you have up here brothers? Let it be peaceful, or I shall draw my sword as well."

Pug looked confused, and said, "We mean no harm, our clans worship the mountain you call home, and we wish to reach the top. We have not heard of you Yorg for many years and thought you had passed."

"I would have, if it had not been for the Ulduarians. I now call this place home, and protect them. This is as far as you shall come. Your clans have forced them into submission and left them to seek homes here."

Pug pondered the thought, and between a council of an elder Ulduarian, Pug, Tar, and Yorg, they had decided it was the time for the Ulduarians to be free of thier frozen home and to be let down the mountain. Several hundred Ulduarians followed Yorg and Pug down the mountain. The decent was much easier knowing they had reached thier goal...and more.

Several hours later, the creatures reached the bottom, and found themselves surrounded. The high priestess approached.

"You have cursed our lands with thier filthy faces! You have allied yourselves with people not of our culture! You shall face my hand!"

The priestess sung her song and the men approached with sword and axe. Yorg reached for his dagger and dug it into the heart of the priestess. A war was here, and the fat lady did sing.

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The forces collided at the base of the mountain. The children and women gathered as well, not to watchg but to participate. Daggers were thrown from afar and sunk into the layered skin of the Ulduarians. The faint cries of the dead filled the mountain range. The numbers and support were not in favour of Yorg, Pug, and company.

Winded from the long descent, the group would not be able to preform efficiently in combat. Yet a glimpse of hope came from behind the enemies ranks, as the remaining Traeh'evarb gang flanked the enemy and had some of the weight lifted from the men at the base of the mountain. The surrounded attempted to fight thier way towards the forest, to meet with the gang on the other side.

Yorg, out of breathe after dodging blades flying towards him, screamed to the Ulduarian companies behind him, "FOWARD."

Pug heard the scream and forced his blade out of the chest of a fellow Korrigan. He looked for his brother Tar, "Tar!"

No response came over the sounds of swords, daggers, and shields clashing. The battle raged on as the two sides fought one another. The battle moved from the mountain base to the forest. The heavy wooded area provided cover from the arrows. The grow slowly progressed to the outsckirts of the camps. It would only be a matter of time before they would be freed. A scream came from the right flank, and Pug knew the voice too well. He sliced his way through to his brother who was bleeding from the chest, and had two soldiers upon him, Pug leaped onto one and slit its throat. Tar blocked an attack and stabbed the other in the chest.

Tar look at Pug, who smiled back knowing the end of this fight would be soon. Yet, as Pug looked back at his brother, a state of fear was brought over the temporary joy that the two had. Tar reached for his brother and threw him out of the way. At that moment, a enlarged blade went through the chest of Tar, as he fell to his knees holding his chest. The blood from the wound was enough to make any regular Korrigan bleed dry, but Tar had just enough for his mouth to swell in the moist liquid as it dripped out of his mouth. Pug reached for his brother, who began to fall from his knees. Before the body fell into his arms, Tar was already dead.

Beyond this moment of despair, The screams of victory and songs of joy came from the Traeh'evarb and Ulduarian. Yorg approached Pug and put his hand on his shoulder. The loss of his brother did not make him sorrowful, but moreso stronger. As Yorg lifted him up, he could see the Pug would become a better person...a better leader.

The battle was won, natural selection proved who was the stronger. Interbreding between the two species made the race stronger. The height increased to 4'7' and the age at which one would die would become around 120 years. This new physical prowess would be stronger then the ancestors.

120 years had passed, and the race of the Korrigans had become something new.

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The triple spiral, the symbol of the new Korrigan Order.

With the years pasted, the small groups of species developed into a society with order. High among the social class were the nobles, such as kings and chiefs. They belonged to warrior societies. The warriors were followers of the aristocrats. Other group or classes were the druids and the bards. The druids and bards were men of learning and were held in high regard.

The king's power is not absolute, particularly in the other provinces, where his power was very limited. The high king has his seat of power is upon Ben Nevis. This seat of power is heavily gaurded by the surrounding fortresses and military factories. The Kings were not allowed any imperfection. Well, physically they must not have any imperfection. The King, and the chiefs were to climb the mountain and stay in physical shape for the entirety of thier ruling.

The druids were responsible for the religious teaching and practices of the Celts. They preserved the knowledge of the gods and were responsible for the sacrifices of animals, and sometimes of human sacrifices. The druids derived part of their magic powers and their divinations from the Otherworld. Though, druids could heal, using some sort of magic or just using herbs, it was mainly the work of physicians. In war, druids were still capable of fighting, and thier magic drew fear into the enemies, but the warriors were sometimes so fierce, that the only time they'd be used is if medics were needed.

A society built on tribal warfare brought only the greatest and strongest warriors to the table. After internal warfare ended with the realization that outside influences needed the tribes to stick together, the strongest soldiers in the world stood together. The warriors were part of the Red Branch Army. When Pug died at the age of 112, the military was left to his son Red. As the army grew to a healthy and large size, the soldiers called themselves after thier truly honourable leader.

Relatively competitive military sciences to kill each other's tribes strengthened the overall science when the internal fighting ended. The Military science and technology of the Korrigan society is around 1978. The world will look to the mountains and not dare climb in fear of the Korrigan, for they are more than powerful.

Thier clothes are light, and the leaders do not wear uniforms. They simply hold thier rifle, gun, knives, and the Korrigan crest. The Korrigan are rifleman who can shoot from the tops of mountains and even with wind can aim accurately enough to hit a hoping rabbit. Pistol wise, they are nothing more than normal. They are better with thier knives who are thrown from 50 feet with accuracy. The Korrigan do not hold onto a flag, they hold the symbol to show thier loyalty. Dropping it means you have retreated and that you have given up on your country, thus given up on your life.

The Soldiers are loyal, they are brave, they are strong. They are short and they arent the best swimmers, but on a mountain, you might as well walk away.


Red, Leader of the Army.

We face the Korrigan's newest dilemma, who the new kind will be.

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With their technology being 1978, their radio personnel would likely eventually pick this up, "Peoples of the world, this is the Storm Dragon Empire. We are in an active search for existing civilizations. We know more must be out there.. we've only identified a few. If you are receiving this broadcast, please respond." It would need to be interpreted though, as unless you knew Storm Dragonese, it would come out as clicks, growls, hisses, and what seems like a mix of German.

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ooc: The Storm Dragons have used in previous rps and currently use "Dragon Code" for long range in flight communications on radio transmitters in the tops of their jet packs. So, in a sense it does exist. You could create your own or decode the one the Storm Dragons are broadcasting.. or request its content information.

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