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The Rise of the Alvadens

Sarah Tintagyl

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Long ago they came across the sea for since the time of the immortal they had been looking for a home to call their own, a home that would provide them with peace, serenity, and prosperity. Stepping off of wooden ships that had served their nation so well in the time of travels the Alvaden people finally came to rest on the shores of southern shores of Greenland. It was time, in this hostile environment they would begin to build their home, and from their home they would build societies that stretched far over the world, this frozen wasteland would be a bastion of culture for the world to look at in awe and with a few buildings built, they would begin their journey to greatness.

As the boats pulled up to the shore a young woman walked out, the men and women all tall with brown and blond hair, brown, blue and green eyes stood aside as the maiden walked forward. She had been their leader since the death of her father and a coup planed by devious members of the Alvanden aristocracy, but still she survived and still she had the support of her people in her endeavors. They would follow her to the end of the earth and they would follow her here.


"My people, my brothers and sisters, too long we have wandered the earth as nomads, too long have we been without a home." The maiden turned her head to the cross between green hills and snow covered plains. "Surely this does not look like much, but together we can build our new nation into a shining light for all the world to see. Upon these hills we will build the city of Clio and it will be our temple of civic pride!" The people cheered as the maiden disembarked onto the snow and thrust her sword into the hard Earth, her nearly white hair blowing in the wind. "Together we will build a magnificent civilization whom all the world will know and we will wander the world no more."

With those words, Queen Eydis Wisemail, brought her people to settle on those southern shores and begin their history as a true civilization.

OOC: I hope this fits in the boundaries of the game and like I said I'd like the southern shores of Greenland, I'm pretty sure they're unclaimed.

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OOC: (just for my vehicle ;))/OOC

The crew realized that they had far less coal that they originally thought; thus they lifted back up again and left. They put a tack on the map for them, so they could find the Alvadens once again.

Later that day, the tack fell off.

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OOC: You can put the tack back on Jerrey

OOC: Thats what I'm doing! :P

IC: The next day, one of the Artures sees the tack on the ground. He picks it up and puts it in its hole again. "Damn hot air pockets, affects these sails so much..."

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Eydis looked out over the barren landscape from the view of the newly constructed fort in the center of Clio that would serve as her center of command before a more permanent structure was built. The fort was not so much a castle or a royal palace, but a place for the Alvadens to run to, per chance there were hostiles in this land that wanted to harm them. Clio was slowly beginning to look like a town, there were small lumber supplies that could be found around the coast, others used stones and began to build crude stone structures along the coat. In addition the Alvanden transports had been transformed into fishing vessels to begin to bring in food. There was no doubt that the economy would be driven by the fishing industry and eventually they would need to begin to expand, but their realm was largely uninhabited and they would find their resources to build, to expand, and to thrive.

"An impressive view. Don't you think, Your Highness?"

"I see snow Ormir, miles and miles of snow covered fields. We can not expand in the snow, we need food, building supplies and we need routes to these resources. We may not have encountered hostiles, but the environment is just as bad and that is who me must wage war with."

"Of course Your Highness. We have some men of strong build that could be used to scout out the region and identify areas that we should look into."

"That would be good Ormir, give them orders just to scout for now, we have enough around us to build Clio into a minor city, but expansion will follow. The Alvadens deserve a great home and they will receive one, I promised them one. After we have identified certain, we can begin to start build roads and camps." Eydis turned to her Chancellor and nodded. "But that is all Ormir, if you would leave me. I want to be alone with my thoughts."

Ormir bowed and retired back into the wooden fortress. Eydis continued to look towards the north, of the windy hills and the breeze blew hard against her body. This was not going to be easy.

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