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IndoChina opens up to the World

comrade nikonov

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Chairman Zhu De has opened all diplomatic channels, stating that good foreign relations are essential to any prosperous nation. Currently, our position states that all and every nation are welcome to open an embassy in Kolkolka, IndoChina, our glorious capital. To do so, please fill out this form:



Head Diplomat:

A Consulate or an Embassy:

Can we open an embassy in your nation (Y/N):

In other news, city planners, overjoyed by the cessation of Bangladesh from Dragonisia to IndoChina, have unveiled plans to connect the growing urban sprawls of Kolkata, New Kolkata, and Dhaka. These three cities, once merged together, will constitute the MegaCity of KolKolKa.

Here is a planned map:


This will be a long term construction project, not expected to end, as urban sprawls will continually grow.

That will be all. Thank you!

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Nation: Confucianism

Continent: Australasia

Head Diplomat: Coonikki Humbabba

A Consulate or an Embassy: Embassy

Can we open an embassy in your nation (Y/N): Yes

Due to recent events, we would like to open this after the epidemic is finished in our nation, for the benefit of both parties involved.

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All IndoChinese ports facing the Maldives are now closed. All airport flights have been delayed 48 hours. Medical services are standing by. IndoChina is now at Defcon 2.

OOC: Pacifism, don't even think about spreading that Avian flu.

IC: Very well, we will wait for the epidemic to end.

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