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An Andonain Legend


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OOC: Closed for now, If I decide to open it I will post it. The events take place 10,000 years ago

The Lord of the Andonain Infinite Empire sat upon his silver throne. His guards flanked it, their stony glares daring any of the peasants milling outside to try to rush the palace. The Minister of the Provinces timidly walked across the gleaming floor of the throne room. " The provinces are in a state of open revolt, your Majesty. Our men are having trouble putting them down." He told the Lord. "Send a pair of legions to each of the provinces, that ought to quell the unrest." Lord Carrigan stated. " With all due respect, your Majesty, I do not believe that you know how bad the situation is. A pair of legions would be swarmed under in a matter of minutes by the sheer numbers of rebels. The Empire is falling apart, and you cower in your palace! Your people need you! There are reports of civil unrest even in Andon! You cannot sit here and let all you worked for die!"

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" You dare question my me?" The Emperor said threateningly. "Yes, I don't care anymore, if you don't find a way to quell the unrest, I am dead anyway!" The Minister said resolutely. The Emperor stared into the man's eyes.He began shaking and then suddenly emitted a piercing scream. He tried to crawl away from something that only he could see. At the Emperor's motion, two soldiers dragged the man away, still screaming.

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