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HOPE: The Official Newsletter of Soldier


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.:~Table of Contents~:.

Letter From the Editor

Soldier's Stats

Soldier: An Alliance of Waffles

Tic-Tak-Toe Puzzle

Soldier Looks to the Future

Chess Puzzle

High Government Update

MoI Update

MoE Update

MoFA Update

MoD Update


~Letter From the Editor~

OMG! That's me! Well, here we are, the first official edition of HOPE. I've been working on this for almost a month now and its finally come to fruition. I'd like to thank all the people who made this possible: PieMan82, Jack the Great, Josh the Great, Dodger, all the Soldier Minister's and Government members, and even Swathikrishnan 6000 (yes you!). I hope you all enjoy it, feel free to give me suggestions if you wish. Without any further ado, I present to you, HOPE!

~Soldier: An Alliance of Waffles~

By: JoshTheGreat

Soldier, an alliance of waffles. Wait what?

*Josh hits the man who gave him a random topic to write about over the head.... "Is this really all you could give me," I ask? "Welp let's go."

As I was walking down a random street on IRC just cruising, looking to pick up some "Girls" on the internet. *Little side note, It's been scientifically proven that there is no such thing as a girl on the internet, just guys acting like girls. The only way to prove they are actually girls is the time honored "Pics or it didn't happen" or in this case "Pics or your a dude."

So yah, there I was just cruising along picking up "Girls" so I go to the local hangout of all the cool kids. I walk into #GR which is definitely the hawtest party ever. So I get in there, and this random guy runs up to me and hands me a waffle and he says to me, "DUDE FREE WAFFLES, WHOEVER EATS THE MOST ALLIANCE BECOMES THE ALLIANCE OF WAFFLES!" I was offended that he would even consider such a good looking person like me for such a pitiful competition that I punched him in the face.

So here I am, walking around the party, with the "Girls" all over me, drinking all of the "Beer". *another side note, this so called beer was actually apple juice, but someone didn't know that* So I keep walking around the party and stumble upon TheAUT and Jack the Great both sitting in a corner totally wasted on the "Beer" *note it's actually apple juice*, So I pull up another chair and we're just chilling.

Then AUT is all like, "Josh your so talented and good-looking that i think you should just own the waffle eating competition."

I nodded my head and said to myself "surely a sexy person like me deserves to win this contest," so I get up, and take my spot next to Moo-Cows emperor of the New Pacific Order, and I mean this guy is a cow... Literally.

The Almighty admin stands up and gives us a short speech. "My fellow competitors, today we will forge a bond of brothers in the depths of this waffely hell, We will stand a band of waffle and brothers! Begin now!

I was in shock by this speech so I had a slow start, By time i started on the first waffle Moo-Cows was on 4. So I say to myself "Slow and steady normally wins the race, by screw it, I want waffles!" So I jam like 6 waffles in my mouth and go to town on em. Finally after 6 hours of Waffle eating with no syrup D: I finally topple the evil tyrant of Waffle Eating Moo-Cows.

As I collapse in pain and pure agony from the pain, and as I'm rushed to the hospital to get my stomach pumped, I say to myself, "No longer will The New Pacific Order be known as the Waffle Alliance, No! Today Soldier will be the Waffle alliance!"

As I think of how proud I am, I pass out and wake up in the hospital with 3 hawt nurses and the first thing I can think of saying is.....

Pics or your a dude...

~Tic-Tak-Toe Puzzle~

By: PieMan82


~Soldier Looks Towards the Future~

By: PieMan82

It has been a tumultous month here at Soldier. We had our first war due to a scandal involving TheAUT and Jack the Great. The result is Jack is gone and AUT is back, still leading. Now we look to the future of Soldier, and we face a period of rebuilding. In AUT's State of the Union Address he called on us to act and help build our alliance. "We face a tough road ahead of [us]; it’s called the Soldier’s road. It’d be easy to give up and just wait on something to happen, but from today until the day we become a sanctioned alliance we will give it our all."

The AUT has laid out Operation Soldier's Road, a massive rebuilding effort for our nations in Soldier. We will set up bank nations with aid from friends and allies. There will be tech deals for all non-bank nations and they will be built up to at least 3,999.99 infrastructure. Recruiting will be the top priority, and we will go on a recruiting spree and bring in at least 50 new nations. The AUT also set the ambitious goal of having 50 active nations at a 10,000 NS average by the time we leave TPF's protection. He strongly believes we can achieve this and said, "I wouldn’t set these standards unless I know that we can achieve them. I know many are wounded, I know many are hurting but we are all in this together."

Facetten said that diplomacy will also be on our to do list. Namely building a friendship with Dark Fist. He went on to say: "Furthermore, as long as it is not in conflicts with the alliance's best interests, soldier is happy to make friends with any alliance."

Of course, the long-term goal has always been to be a sanctioned alliance. Operation Soldiers road is the first step in that direction, and one day we will achieve this dream with some work, and the world will know the name "Soldier."

TheAUT said it best:

"You’ve been put through talk, war, and pain. Now my friends, arise a Soldier."

~Chess Puzzle~

By: PieMan82


~High Government Update~

By: TheAUT

This is TheAUT. I founded Soldier around two months ago and have been having a blast since. Coming from a rather plagued past I decided to start new and its been a success so far. Having been put through so much its taught me so much in terms of what to and what not to do. I'm glad to have all my members and I give thanks to all those who make this a great alliance. I know under youwish this alliance will take on new heights and I'm glad to be a part of it. To lead an alliance from literally nothing and have it flourish in this day and age of CN is an amazing accomplishment.

~MoI Update~

By: Melutar

Our real MoI was busy, so as Ex-MoI I took this over. ^.^ He has a life to you know! The MoI has been a very active part of Soldier. It has passed from facetten, to Melutar, to Cool3atool. The MoI has increased membership which is at its all time high and has fostered activity both on IRC and on the forums and is currently instituting a new Academy system. The MoI has helped assimilate KoA's members into Soldier, even making the Emperor (Cool3atool) the new MoI. Recruitment is starting back up along with the new Academy system. The MoI will be helping with these events, and in ensuring old members continued activity.

~MoE Update~

By: Melutar

Currently the Minstry of Economics is eagerly awaiting a bountiful aidfall from from our friends at Dark Fist. Lots of time and preparation have gone into this, and everyone involved hopes for a great success. I have also been busy coordinating tech deals with TPF with the help of DrunkMonkey (you're great to work with!). My work has also included finding trades for new members and educating them in the ways of CN economics. We are looking forward to working with other alliances for mutual economic gains.

~MoFA Update~

By: King William II

Hello, I'm King William II and I'm the Minister of Foreign Affairs here at Soldier. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently making progress as usual, opening embassys and relations with various alliances on Planet Bob and welcoming our foreign guests here on our forums. We are also monitoring global politics and conflicts and keeping an eye out for Soldier. We hope to increase the amount of Diplomats we have, the number of embassys we have and our friendships with the many alliances on Planet Bob.

~MoD Update~

By: Nada2486

Hello, I am known as Nada2486 - the Minister of Defense here at Soldier - of the great nation Black Ops Elite. I joined Soldier around the time it was formed. I joined Soldier because I thought it would be fun to be part of the beginning of an alliance and help build it up. Some events happening in the MoD are a new picture war guide which covers cruise missile's to peace figuring out a way to get more people active, and hoping to find a way to have the leadership skills of our division commanders grow.

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