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The International


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The International is an orange team alliance, created by members from the Socialistic Empire, Communist Party of Cybernations and The Righteous Fist in the spirit of Leftist Unity. The International is a democratic alliance and dedicated to preserving the principles of egalitarianism, justice and democracy throughout the Cyberverse. Join us on our crusade to unite the CN left!

What Can The International offer you?

If you are new to Cybernations and want to get the feel of how things are done, not to worry, our friendly and veteran teachers at the Academy are willing to take the time to answer any question that may come across your mind. In addition if you are looking to get a start off in the world and are willing to be active on the forums and IRC, then we have the "Operation Big Brother" Program, where a larger well-established nation will volunteer to work with you to help build your nation together.

For nations both large and small we have Operation Vitalize -- an alliance wide tech-dealing program to help the smaller nations grow and for our larger nations to gain technology at affordable prices.

Every member in the International has a voice in the Congress -- what you say matters, your opinions will be heard, discussed and voted upon.

In addition to all this, we have treaties with some of the classiest alliances around, with one of our oldest and closest allies being the Orange Defense Network.

We also have strong ties with The German Empire, and our comrades in the Power Rangers bloc are some of the best allies anyone could ever ask for. Additionally, we maintain strong connections with our comrades in the Orange Sphere via the Orange Unity Treaty.

How to Join

  1. Head over to our forums at

  2. Register a forum user name (your ruler name or nation name).

  3. Make your way to the Introductions forum. Read through and fill out this

The International

We, revolutionary leftists of the Cyberverse, in the spirit of unity and solidarity, establish the International. In order to ensure our common defense and development, encourage thoughtful discussion, cultivate camaraderie, and gain popular acceptance of our worldview as legitimate, we agree to live under the following Constitution and the following civil and martial flags:



Article 1. Rules of the International

§ 1. All National Affiliates and Affiliate Delegates will act in accordance with policies once they are enacted, and in a manner that does not bring ill repute upon themselves, the International, or its allies.

§ 2. The International is an exclusive alliance; non-Affiliates may not send Delegates to its boards.

§ 3. All decisions are made openly and collectively, to the greatest extent possible.

§ 4. Affiliates must make every effort to move to Orange team; the International is an Orange alliance.

§ 5. Affiliates must protect and defend each other against attacks theoretical and physical, the latter either through participation in the Red Guard or contributions to the Treasury for use in war, and will not attack other Affiliates unless those Affiliates are supporting unlawful action against this Constitution.

§ 6. Affiliates may undertake unilateral military action or espionage against nations in alliances under five members which are not on the Red or Orange teams; other such unilateral action is forbidden.

§ 7. Delegates will not engage in offsite espionage against any other alliance.

§ 8. Affiliates will not unilaterally violate contracts held by the International with other alliances.

§ 9. Affiliates will abide by the military chain of command at any given time, and Delegates will respond to any and all military roll calls unless they are unable to access the International at all.

§ 10. Affiliates which do not agree with its basic goals and rules will not be admitted to the International.

Article 2. Delegates

§ 1. Affiliate Delegates represent Affiliates in the International’s forums and other offsite venues.

§ 2. Delegates may and should:

  • propose at any time any measure that they feel in accordance with the International’s rules and which will help advance the International’s goals to the Congress, and vote on all such decisions;
  • criticize in a private forum any measure that they feel violates the International’s goals or rules;
  • nominate during nomination rounds other Delegates to enter the Central Committee, accept any nominations offered, vote in elections, and hold one Central Committee position at any given time;
  • ask, at any time, for a recall of a Central Committee member and vote in the recall.

Article 3. The Congress

§ 1. The Congress, made up of all Affiliate Delegates—except those formally accused of breaking the International’s rules—each having one vote, is the supreme power within the International.

§ 2. Votes are to be expressed in a post in the following format in case of votes on measures:

Aye: -

Nay: -

where in order to have voted one must take a position; and in polls in case of elections.

§ 3. Votes nominally take forty-eight hours.

§ 4. The Congress may decide by a simple majority (greater than fifty percent) vote to:

  • pass any measure that is in accordance with the International’s rules and will help, either by reforming the internal life of the International or some other way, to advance the International’s goals;
  • make contracts with other alliances which do not violate the International’s rules, and cancel them;
  • select Commissars and Secretaries to the Central Committee, and recall them;
  • declare the beginning and end of hostilities against another alliance;
  • depending on the violation: fine, mandate reparations, decline military protection, or expel from the International an Affiliate for violating, directly or through its Delegate, the International’s rules.

§ 5. The Congress may decide by a super majority (greater than sixty-seven percent) vote to:

  • declare the beginning and end of a Crisis in the event that something other than war threatens the International’s existence;
  • declare Delegates from expelled Affiliates Enemies of the International; their IP addresses are recorded and they are unable to reapply while the designation remains, and lift such designations;
  • amend this Constitution.

Article 4. The Central Committee

§ 1. The Central Committee consists of Delegates given the following mandates through election:

  • determination of whether a vote in the Congress, depending on extraordinary circumstances, should take less or more than forty-eight hours to complete, determination of whether the other Central Committee members are carrying out their mandates competently, intervening if they are not even to the point of removal of the member from office without a vote in the Congress, organization of elections, determination of whether an Affiliate should be expelled, starting all Congress votes on that issue, and communication with the Cybernations community at large (General Commissar);
  • assistance of the General Commissar by exercising the same powers (General Secretary);
  • communication with other alliances through the Liaison Service (Liaison Commissar);
  • organization of mutual-aid and other economic relations between two or more Affiliates, or between Affiliates and outside nations, and the organization of the International Treasury (Treasury Commissar);
  • organization of Affiliates into a Red Guard to defend themselves and the International with force, and organization of bi-weekly roll calls to ensure activity (Martial Commissar);
  • determination by a Census and a Security Task Force that the International is free from infiltrators who wish harm it, maintenance of a Recruitment Corps to recruit new Affiliates, publication of the newsletter International Communist written by Reporters, as well as other propaganda, and maintenance of an Academy staffed by Teachers to socialize new Affiliates (Membership Commissar);
  • integration of alliances which decide to merge into the International (Matriculation Commissar: this position and that of Matriculation Secretary are filled only during the period between a merger and the following election. Matriculation Commissars are selected by and from the merging alliance. There can be more than one Matriculation Commissar and Secretary at one time, one per merging alliance).

and the Secretaries that the Liaison, Treasury, Martial, Membership, and Matriculation Commissars appoint to assist them, and which share their mandates for their duration.

§ 2. These mandates expire on the last day of every other month.

§ 3. Four days before mandates expire, Delegates may nominate during a period of forty-eight hours one or more candidates to stand in elections which run for forty-eight hours. There are no term limits.

§ 4. If a Commissar retires before mandates expire, is successfully removed, or becomes inactive, the Secretary assumes the position and appoints a new Secretary. If a Secretary retires before mandates expire, is successfully removed, or becomes inactive, the appropriate Commissar will appoint another.

§ 5. While the International is engaged in hostilities or is in a Crisis declared by the Congress, the serving Commissars, excepting the Matriculation Commissar, are granted the power to, by a simple majority vote, pass any measure that is in accordance with the International’s rules and will ensure that the International emerges intact and victorious. These decisions hold equality with decisions made by the Congress. The Congress does not relinquish lawmaking power thereby, but shares it during these times.

§ 6. All Commissars except the General Commissar must report their activities weekly to the General Commissar, who will compile them and forward them to the Congress.

§ 7. All Commissars and Secretaries have an obligation to ensure the quality and user-friendliness of the boards, to mask forum users appropriately, and to perform any needed administration tasks.

Forums: http://www.lolcommies.com

Wiki: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/The_International

IRC: #the_international (irc.coldfront.net)

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If this alliance is Socialist, what makes it so?

Furthermore, if you accept all Socialists would you then accept those of the more... eccentric variety?

Leftist beliefs are hard to convey to a game like CN, but we do have communal aid programs and are very democratic.

I'm a libertarian socialist and I'm a member, if that's the sort of eccentric you mean.

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Leftist beliefs are hard to convey to a game like CN, but we do have communal aid programs and are very democratic.

I'm a libertarian socialist and I'm a member, if that's the sort of eccentric you mean.

Would you accept a person like myself then?

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You are the single greatest recruitment tool I could have ever asked for. Please feel free to bump this thread. We get 10 new applicants every time you do!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I think once you said that you officially got rid of him. :P Hail to our allies!

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Somehow I still doubt you'd accept me if it actually came down to my applying.

You're only saying you would now because you know I'd never do that. :rolleyes:

This will be all from me.

I can't see the future, so I don't know what would happen. You're free to apply and if a vote came up to stop your joining the alliance I'd vote to let you in - we don't exclude people for their beliefs.

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