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Cant Sign Into CN


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Everytime i go to log in, i type in my username and password and i click "log in" then the page just "refreshes" back to the original log in page without an error message or anything. This happens with both Firefox and IE. I havent been banned for anything and buddies from my alliance tell me my nation is still there.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Ruler: Psycogenius

Nation: Wombat Pirates Cove


When i try to do the "forgot password" link and type in the needed information, i get the following error message everytime:

The action that you just tried to perform has been denied. This could be the result of trying to submit a form twice, using your back button to resubmit form information, or attempting to illegally upload information to the server. This feature exists primarily to stop hackers and the use of the back button in the game. If you are not performing any of these activities but are still getting this error page try to go back, refresh your page and/or clear your Internet cache.

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I have. I have also restarted my Firefox browser and even tried IE (which i never use) and got the same result.

*NOTE* This doesnt happen every single time i try to log in. But its about 80-90% of the time now. The times i get it to work, i have done nothing that would indicate a "fix." it just seems to happen at random

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Ive never seen/heard/ or expierenced this problem. It sounds like you pressed back space accidently or it could log you in and you accidently press/click something that brings you back. Try logging in and if it does this then just go to cybernations.net and see if your already logged in.

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