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Looking for an Alliance position

Fire Lord

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I would like to invie you to come join Argolis...

The link below is our recruitment thread..


We are a new,orange team alliance...And we have plenty of open govt posiitons.

All the information you need is in the recruiting thread.

If you have any questions,feel free to pm me!

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Welcome Fire Lord to Planet Bob,

You are personally invited to join our alliance - The Templar Knights.

TTK gets your nation on the fast track to success focusing on the big picture with economic guides, trade groups, and a war academy for military training. TTK gets your nation growing fast with a 3 mil starting bonus for active members.

Here is our alliance charter: http://ttkalliance.com/forum/index.php?topic=877.0

And you can join here: http://ttkalliance.com/forum/index.php?topic=639.0

Any questions feel free to contact me.

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Says on CN that you indeed have an alliance.

If that's not so, come check out ACF We've had some recent vacant slots due to government members leaving to make their own alliance, but ACF is still strong for a smaller alliance and we intend on regaining ground quickly.

We can offer financial support in the way of new member aid and tech deals immediately, and we have a dual protectorate under Rok and Echelon ^_^

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