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Current FIFOB related events

Transvaal Cup

Xpert11 Leagues:

xperteleven is a manager simulator in which many of Planet Bob's League are played on.


To Learn how to join Xpert11 and a league click here

Once joined, simply click search on the left hand toolbar and punch in the League ID's for which ever of the following Leagues you would like to join.

Before joining a league vote Yes and keep this proposition alive Private Leagues Champions League

Liga Mundo

Liga Mundo is what it means, a Global League. All nations are able to participate. It is managed by Costa Libertad and is thus far, three divisions deep and is looking for expansion in its fourth season. It is quite a solid league and has two cups/season.

The League ID is 138329

Liga Mundo Season 4 Announcement

Liga Mundo Standings brought to you by Transvaal

Cyber League

The Cyber League is another interalliance League. It was founded by Pump and is run by MagicalTrevor. It is in its 11th season. It is a league only and does not have cups.

League ID is 96709


ARK Premier League

ARK is the Official League for NOAH members. It is one division and is run by VolNation. It has two annual Cups and is in its 6th season. Request permission before joining due to its membership requirements.

The League ID is 112665

Legion Championship

The Legion Championship is the Official Football Championship for Club Teams in the Legion and a selection of other International Clubs as well. It is run by Arcadian Empire and is two divisions deep. It also added a cup in its second (Current) season. The requirements to join are to be part of the Legion Forums. If you are a CN player, sign up now at: *www.avelegio.net*

The League ID is 180149

IRON Premier League

The Premier League for the Independent Republic of Orange Nations -- PM Coursca on the IRON Forums or find the thread in General Discussion for an invitation. It is in its inaugural season and is looking for new clubs to help its growth. It is currently at 9 members and is expected to grow to 14 by season 2. As of right now it has no cup.

League ID is 190460

NOVA Championship

The Nova Championship, now in its 3rd season and is the official league for the members of NOVA.


Siberian Trophy

This is one of the older leagues on CN, now in its 9th season. It is the STA Cup and is for the members of STA. If you wish to join, contact the league commissioner, Tyga.


It seems that the MHA league has disappeared, please contact me if a new one is formed.


FIFOB Friendlies

Friendlies are a very good way to increase one's FIFOB ranking (Thus making the team better) because they are not weighted based on the year played as ALL FIFOB events are.

Click here to request a friendly.

The rest of the post is on FIFOB in general, feel free to ask questions. Because our organization is so young, we like to hear some questions so we can fix problems. An example is why aren't the point totals posted for the rankings, thus I will release the point totals after the Alliance Cup.

FIFOB Background

FIFOB founded on September 13, 2008, stands for Federation of International Football on Bob. Its overall goal is to return promote football/futbol/soccer to the nations on Planet Bob by providing a host of tourneys, events and providing the sports RP which has nearly vanished from Bob with the exception of a few nations that are consistent representatives.

FIFOB Federations

Due to the large number of members participating in FIFOB events, FIFOB will be holding a meeting regarding federations. The meeting will be held in February or March depending on events. This meeting will allow any alliance or nation interested in having input into the way federations will be.

FIFOB Events

FIFOB World Cup

The FIFOB World Cup is held annually in the month of June starting in 2009. It will feature any teams that sign up to go through an extensive qualification round by way of federations along with group stages and knock-out stages.

FIFOB Alliance Cup

The Alliance Cup is held annually with open signups. All nations do not have to go through confederations and are randomly sorted into opening knockout rounds, followed by group then the final knockout rounds. The Alliance with the most FIFOB points gains the Alliance Cup, while the nation that wins gains the Alliance Shield. This event will be held in January, starting on New Years Day.

Federation Cups

Upon request these cups may be held once a year starting when Federations are established. The winner of these cups qualifies for the Federations Cup.

Federations Cup

The winners of the Federation Cups are seeded into groups who then are put into a knock out stage of a size depending on the federation count. The winner of the Federations Cup gains an automatic group stage bid along with the host nation to the FIFOB World Cup. This event is to be held in October every year.

Transvaal Cup

FIFOB Leagues

Liga Mundo

ARK Premier League

FIFOB Scorination

As one can tell FIFOB needs to find the most unbiased way for teams to win which is why FIFOB worked on the development of a footy simulator from a parallel universe. These people from the Republic of Dragonia taught the FIFOB members the program and thus allowed them to edit it to a set up that suits FIFOB

Scorinator set up

The below are the inputs to the FIFOB scorinator


Points are one’s FIFOB points one has accumulated over time. As the years go on, FIFOB points from a previous year aren’t as valuable as the ones from the following year. The points are divided into multiple weighting: the FIFOB World Cup being the most, followed by FIFOB run Cups (Alliance Cup, Federations Cup), then Leagues and Alliance/Federation run events, then friendlies. Points determine the “skill” of a team and their world ranking.


The style modifier provides on how one’s team attacks/defends. It is a number from negative five to positive five. The farther negative a number is, the more defensive and the farther positive, the more attacking the team is.


The RP bonus depends on the competition. To make it fair and so that no team overloads on RPing, the number is set as a multiplier of the teams points depending on the event.


The scorinator allows FIFOB to input the above two data inputs and runs a random simulation, making it impossible to predict the outcome. Even the team with the most points can lose to the team with no points; as such a thing can happen in football any day.

FIFOB Front Office


The president of FIFOB right now is njndirish. He founded the Federation and has been running it since day 1

Job Offers

FIFOB is open if anyone wants to join the offices either part time or full time.


If one wishes to apply part time to FIFOB, this means they remain with their current alliance, but promote FIFOB and extend FIFOB’s influence to alliances. These part-time employees are needed to help the founding of Federations and Alliance related events.


A full-time job at FIFOB means one gives up alliance affiliation and is willing to provide winnings from their nation for the love of the game. These employees are needed for their funding and help in running FIFOB events.

FIFOB Political status

FIFOB itself exists as an independent and neutral entity of the politics of Planet Bob. It exists this to allow a free flow of winnings and the love of the game to be unaltered by politics. FIFOB itself exists as an alliance affiliation so FIFOB is easy to contact in game.


Any questions please reply to this topic

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Yes, the LC gets a mention - I think people'll be happy when their matches here can contribute to success in the FIFOB Events. But for that to happen, I'll have to start posting results...give me a few days =)

If you don't mind me asking what nations correlate with what clubs. I wish to know this to expand the rankings :P

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Would FIFOB like to Sponsor the El Legado Cup in Liga Mundo? El Legado is the official Championship cup tournament and the winner is crowned Liga Champion. It is like the playoffs. It would be good for both sides if it was renamed - "FIFOB El Legado World Championship Cup"

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Would FIFOB like to Sponsor the El Legado Cup in Liga Mundo? El Legado is the official Championship cup tournament and the winner is crowned Liga Champion. It is like the playoffs. It would be good for both sides if it was renamed - "FIFOB El Legado World Championship Cup"

As much as FIFOB would love to sponsor the Cup, it must decline due to representation issues but, I have an even better idea for you Premier. Find an alliance that is willing to sponsor it, then have that alliance give 3 million to the winner. :D That's going to be one of my many suggestions upcoming

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First join by clicking the "join" link in the toolbar



Next step is to find one of the above mentioned leagues, first click search


As an example I typed in a random league # (The league #'s are mentioned in the lead post)


Once the search is compiled, it will return one of the leagues you are looking to join. Simply then scroll to the bottom and join the league. You will then be either put onto a queue or immediately accepted. To learn how to play click the rules button in the menu bar.

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