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I was wondering, i'm about to infra jump to a point that would finally give me enough land to start buying navy. I've been very confused as to what determines how many ships can be purchased. I've read the info on it and i'm still unsure. Is it based on the number of your improvements, dockyard/shipyard. or is it based on the amount of infra you have to support "ship infra."

this has just been a really annoying problem for me and i was wondering if someone had a good answer for the me the poor n00b. thnx guys

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If I recall correctly, the way it works is like this: whatever the infra requirement for a particular ship is, once you have that amount you can buy that ship (provided you have the proper improvements). Once you max out on that improvement, you can purchase up to 5 of them. BUT, if the ifnra requirement was... let's say 1000, and you had 5000 infra, then you could purchase a total of 10 of that type of ship. 5 from the improvements and 5 more from the extra infra.

I hope that makes sense... and that I am not just completely remembering this wrong.

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Yes, but if you wanted you could purchase 5 of each type of ship. Your total is not the value that has a cap on it; it is the number of all of the individual ships which is capped. Yes, this does put a cap on the total, but it is not as if I can buy 10 more Aircraft Carriers just because I do not purchase any Battleships.

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The infra requirement is the minimum mount you need to buy 1 of any ship. You need to get that infra requirement again (on top of the other requirement) in order to get another one of those ships.

The infra requirement for a corvette is 2k infra. So in order to get 2 corvettes (not including improvements), you would need to have 4k infra. That's 2k infra per corvette, since the required infra per ship is 2k.

Each improvement on top of the number of times you fulfilled the infra requirement lets you purchase one additional vessel of that type. So 4k infra with 5 (maximum) improvements could get you 7 corvettes. 2 for the infra, 5 for the improvement.

pretty much the same thing schmutte said, but I hope that helps.

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