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Looking for alliance

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Black Star 10 is recruiting we are completly against Murder inc. based around a military theme so lots of promotions. Black team. Growing so we need some help doing the odd bit of recruiting. But we are small and helpful. any questions are answered.

click here BLACK STAR 10 and join today!

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\a\ is always trying to poison people on these forums.

Amazing that only their leader is doing it.

This and....

Their leader is the only one who is ever on these forums or other members feel ashamed to be in such a bad alliance

This is why Spetsnaz will never sign a treaty with UN again. You cant Flame people b/c of a war you joined in on.

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I think that the best choice here is Orbit Black. Those other alliances are great, don't get me wrong, but I think that you would enjoy Orbit Black. We offer great trades, defense, and organization. If you wish to join, just visit our forums. z13.invisionfree.com/Orbit_Black_CN/

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