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Old time player looking for alliance.


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I stopped playing about 2 months ago, I know a LOT of history on CN. But now im back and looking for an alliance. I prefer a small alliance and i also prefer a black team alliance. Please list your alliance details, link, and your name (To list you referred me). Or you could just list a link and your name if you want.

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Hi Rotavele:

The following link is our recruitment thread.

I invite you to check out what Montevalia is.


The only thing is,that we are AQUA,not black.

If you have any questions,feel free to reply in this thread or pm me!

Have a great day!

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Hello sir,

Well seeing that you are interested in a small black alliance the German Empire is probably out of your sights. However, I might as well give you the option and choice of joining us if you are interested. The German Empire is a medium sized alliance I would say, it is not really a German alliance, much more people of different cultures are in it then actual German citizens etc, however it is a good forum sector for those who would like to RP the old Imperial German times, as well as the Imperial times of Europe before and during WWI. We are very interested in experienced players, and if you are active you should be able to get a position. However, it is all up to you; we would like this sort of player mainly due to the fact that the German Empire is quite large amount of younger people in the CN arena, and more experienced players are always welcomed. Hope that you will place us in consideration, and if not, I wish you the best in whatever alliance you choose, and a good return to CN. :)

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The Republic of Elite Colonies

We aren't multicolored (blue) but I can make few exceptions. We are against alliance charity but we encourage tech deals especially with our friends at Old Guard. We are also pretty small but very active on the forums so there is always someone to learn from or just talk to. We don't have a protector because we have the Coalition of Micro Alliances, a bloc we founded.


If you're interested get to know us and post an application if you think we're for you, even if you're not feel free to ask any questions :)

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