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Pornstars Movie Release


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enemies on the right, enemies on the left...low on ammo..we got them where we want them
MI guy : hey, did you know "the judgement day"??

PornStar : yeah, we know..this gay, err guy starred the film


Pornstar : what about them ?

MI guy : they hit us

PornStar : i see, now i know why we keep hearing this bombs on our scheduled film shoot..

Yes, Your filthy bombs dropped to our neighbour (Murder Inc.) annoy our scheduled film shoot..

we just want to be left alone to shoot some quality Porn Movies..

we dreamed a world where PornStars could shoot some qualities film without being annoyed by the sound of bombs..but now, we couldn't get enough good night sleep after looooooong day shoot..

yes, your judgement day annoy us..that's why today we'll hit the strongest one among all the judges...yes, we are coming for you UBERCON...

tl;dr Pornstar are now in a state of war with the Ubercon for annoying our scheduled film shoot.


it is Written in our Unwritten codex :

1. since, this is an aggresive war, Pornstars won't ask for reps..just offer peace to every murderer you're at war with..

2. Every Bandwagoners will be Punished.. -_-

3. since we don't have any nukes yet, so we won't launch 1st strike nukes attack.. :rolleyes:

4. Why so serious ??!!

Signed on behalf of the PornStars,

gantanX - Art Director

jai hwa cat - Cinematographer

blackorchid - Minister of Dildo

cloud69 - Minister Of P.I.M.P

Overexpose - Minister Paint in the A%$^#%

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Okay...what in the heck are folks supposed to do with a bunch of nekkid folks running around wit some flamboyant additions?

Sheesh. :P

(edit) I suck at spelling...especially when I'm ssorta busy.

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Bandwagoners =/= planned out coalition

we have a mutual defense agreement with MI.. ;)

we don't want to abandon them while they're nice to us when they're on top..

we aren't like the Opportunistic alliance you have in the coalition.. :)

Pornstars Unwritten Codex.. :

we will punish all bandwagoners..

excuse my english, but i think that's mean if you bandwagoners attack us, you' will never have/see your nations or alliance members climb up to top nations on this Round, we will terrorize them..

we will do whatever mean necessary... :)

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