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Alliance Searching!

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The Republic of Elite Colonies

We aren't multicolored (blue) but I can make few exceptions. We are against alliance charity but we encourage tech deals especially with our friends at Old Guard. We are also pretty small but very active on the forums so there is always someone to learn from or just talk to. We don't have a protector because we have the Coalition of Micro Alliances, a bloc we founded.


If you're interested post an app, even if you're not feel free to ask any questions :)

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Hello people

I am looking for a small alliance (preferably multi-coloured) to join. I'm not too fussed about aid or anything like that as I want to make my money by technology trading etc rather than by alliance charity.

Anyone got any recommendations?

Yeah, US!

United under Scorn at http://z10.invisionfree.com/United_Under_Scorn/index.php?

We're small - currently 24 nations

We are multi-colored

We got a great tech dealing arrangement with our protectors - The Righteous Fist (TRF) and a few other groups.

If not us, then personally I can vouch for the following (in no particular order) as being cool:

The Light Brigade


URSA (Unified Royal States Alliance)

Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP)

I'm sure there are other good smaller groups out there, I just don't know any of their membership very well enough to say.

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The Dark Templar

  • relatively new
  • few but very developed nations
  • experienced vets and government members from all over
  • we have on average, 50%+ of our membership on IRC.... so we're extremely active
  • we buy tons of tech... so you wouldnt have to look for any buyers for your tech

www.thedarktemplar.net if you're interested... just post, message me, or visit us at #DT on IRC if you have any questions

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Global Order

we are perfect for you! multi-colored, elections take place soon, a chance to become Minister of Diplomacy, Head Ambassador (currently me, although I'm tech. the MoR :P

we also are a Democratic alliance, (doesn't mean you gotta change government though) and are 2 short of 30 members! In only week and a half!

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