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NAAC Returns


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The National Alliance of Arctic Countries announces itself to Planet Steve. We could say a lot about our past but it is better to get to the point and just tell you why we are here. We are a blue team alliance that will play CNTE by the 4-F's.

Fun- our alliance has traditionally been about fun, we like sporks, spam and all sorts of nonsense. We aren't in this strictly for lulz but if the game stops being fun, we'll be gone before the next server reset.

Friendship- our alliance is so tight, that we had over fifty of us ready to play even though haven't existed for 18 months. How many alliances do you think would stay in touch after 18 months of not playing? So don't come ask us to drop a member because you have forged irc logs or photoshopped screenshots. Save us all some time and just declare war.

Fighting- we have traditionally fought wars against the odds. Lopsided conflicts and losing doesn't scare us. We have been there before and found it to be more fun that any of the "sell your soul for realpolitik" crap that other alliances care so much about.

Fair play- after years of watching and receiving curbstomps, we are on a mission to balance the equation. If you are in a lopsided war over some lame casus belli pay us a visit, if we aren't already busy in some other fight, we'd be happy to take a week out of our busy schedule and help even up the odds a bit.

-sign up on our forums http://z10.invisionfree.com/The_NAAC/index.php?act=idx

-change affiliation to National Alliance of Arctic Countries

-change to flag 18


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