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questions on the fine print

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Just a few questions...

ok in the TE rules, it says 3 ingame warnings and 5 warnings on the forum. In CN: it says 3 ingame warnings and 5 forum warnings.

how would this work since we are using the same forum and two entirely seperate games? holding someone accountable for actions in both games in one forum seems to be extreme.

Thats like saying you got banned in CC so you can't play CN if they were both using the same forums. Two differnet games... While CN:TE is a dirivative of regular CN, they are seperate entities with seperate ideas and goals in mind.

So what I am asking is would there be a seperate forum and domain name for this game? As it stands, it leaves alot of open issues in the moderation section if this were to all be dealt with on one forum.

Lets say for example someone gets banned from CN, but they want to play CN:TE, would they be banned there as well?

How would that work if someone was banned from the forum if both games were using 1 forum? would they be banned from both games?

I do not know if there has been some admin level discussion on this or if it will generate some. All I am asking is has there been any thought about how this would affect game play for two different games on one forum?

IMPO, I believe there needs to be a seperation of the two games under two different domains, and their own forums, if ones actions in one game were to cause issues in the other.



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It's obviously 5 total

Although I would be interested to know how you're handling the matching nation name issue, unless all CN:TE players are required to have a CN regular nation in order to use the forums.

this is a fantastically amazing question

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