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  1. choop

    A Joint Announcement

    Pacifica wouldn't die for anybody. These alliances, late as they may be, are realizing based on the events of the last 24 hours, that even after all this time and all this camaraderie, NPO doesn't actually care about them or any of their allies. They're thinking back through the years, as did we, and seeing NPO's actions in a whole light - that of truth. Karma brought that light upon them. I feel sorry for and proud of each of those alliances, not for NPO, because they had the wool pulled off of their eyes and they're doing something about it. They're doing the right thing. Whether it's too little/too late, that isn't for me to call, but I know the guys I'm still allied with after all this mess happened are all good people who have and will keep my respect.
  2. choop

    TORN Announcement

    good job learning how attack ranges work we got nobody between 861 and 484 ns to sic on him again congrats bro, great job
  3. choop

    TORN Announcement

    yeah thanks for ghostbusting for us good call on attacking TORN there bro
  4. choop

    TORN Announcement

    she made the reference with my full and encouraging blessing, don't blame her for noobing
  5. choop

    TORN Announcement

    shhhh don't speak baby i know it hurts but it won't hurt forever maybe just this time also quinoa's a lady, and a hilarious one. ain't her fault nobody can resist the temptation to pun
  7. choop

    TORN Announcement

    This cancellation is a huge and devastating disappointment to me personally. This thread is even moreso, and all the pointless !@#$%^&* speculation and attempts to pry information from us and VE serves as a reminder why I avoid this godforsaken URL? as much as is feasibly possible. Gently caress all of you who have nothing to do with this yet forcefully interject your opinions and conjectures where they're neither desired nor required. VE, I miss you already. Good luck, we'll all need it.
  8. choop

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    flags make best commentary evar
  9. choop

    Purchasing border walls.

    Or, you know, a simple formula to calculate the population effect per border wall could be put in place, and voila: multiple border walls purchased simultaneously.
  10. choop

    Anarchy with no defeat alert.

    Actually it's old, very old.
  11. choop

    Nation Display Form Lines

    It may be an extension or theme that's effecting the display. Go through your add-ons and disable all extensions, restart, and re-enable extensions one at a time to find out which may be causing the issue. If it still happens with all extensions disabled, then it isn't an add-on causing the problem.
  12. choop

    trade problem

    You have to decide which to accept and cancel the other. Then you can accept the one you like.