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$1 mil for renegades turned in to The Regulators

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There is a $1,000,000 price on the head of all renegade governors an' provincial leaders. These renegades will be used to bolster the ranks of the gang. The reward is open to all posses an' mercenaries providin' they state their intentions to take the job beforehand. An additional $3,000,000 in loot will go to the headhunters who ain't got lead weights 'round their boots an' can get the job done right 'n quick.


The alliance is looking for some outside assistance with its recruiting efforts. There is a commission of $1 mil per recruit that registers an account and submits an application on the alliance forums. If you are interested, you can contact me in the following ways to discuss details/terms:

IRC: #regulators on Coldfront

Regulator forums

My Nation


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This isn't so much a recruitment thread as a recruitment thread for people to recruit other people to... :wacko:

Ok, you made my brain hurt. Moved to the Player Created Alliances forum as a recruitment thread.

Too bad it's IC, and it was moved to an OOC forum....Makes little sense to me, but oh well.

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