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  1. [quote name='grandmonarch' timestamp='1323843384' post='2877497'] OP is a platypus alliance, not a turtling alliance, clearly you are confused. [/quote] [url="http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000204"]Wrong. RE is the platypus alliance[/url]
  2. So this is separate from the RE one?
  3. [quote name='paul711' timestamp='1323489248' post='2871654'] I agree with Kong 100% [/quote] I agree with paul agreeing with kong 100%
  4. [quote name='ADude' timestamp='1323473415' post='2871324'] This is me hoping that is you in your avatar... Shhhh now.. Don't spoil this for me [/quote] Confusion's the girl in his avatar too
  5. Shark Week 6 nations 19,019 total NS 0 nukes WAPA 21 nations 61,828 total NS 2 nukes Looks like a pretty big updeclare
  6. [quote name='Mikeyrox' timestamp='1323317054' post='2868234'] I am not quite sure I follow what you are suggesting - is this some sort of battle royale to see who is the best alliance in TE? So people form into 2 main sides. They fight. The side then wins, is then divided into 2 blocs, and then they fight. The side that wins is divided again, so on and so forth until only one alliance remains? If that is what you are getting at I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to it, or to some other form of a tournament between all the alliances. [/quote] His idea might be a good one, but it's reali
  7. Don't be rude guys, he's just making a suggestion. However, due to the current political state of TE what you have proposed is absolutely impossible... too many people focus on their own interests, and besides, TE already has blocs of alliances. It's much more common that they fight in smaller groups.
  8. [quote name='kongland' timestamp='1323262682' post='2867253'] TE is a supplement, not a replacement of RL. Let's have holidays like the rest of humanity. [/quote] I am of the same opinion as kong
  9. [quote name='King James XVIII' timestamp='1316149026' post='2801357'] TPC 35 Total Nations 169,979 Total Strength 4,857 ANS 1 Nuke [/quote] TPC has... 1 nuke?
  10. [quote name='Awesome Dog' timestamp='1316123583' post='2801078'] lol @ two more pages of garbage I'm not reading. [/quote] Or perhaps you should actually read it and see that there's no longer any bickering. Be positive
  11. [quote name='paul711' timestamp='1316092033' post='2800828'] This war got way to personnel and the vicious personnel attacks are uncalled for. I would like to apologize to confusion, stevie, and Mervingian for my actions. I would also like tp apologize to therm for being rude in our public channel ladt night when all he was trying to do was eliminate the personnel attacks. Lastly I would like to apologize to anon membership for saying you deserved to burn. This is just a game and it is often to easy to forget that their is a real person on the other side of those pixels. I know I did and I ap
  12. [quote name='Thomasj_tx' timestamp='1316040705' post='2800585'] Even your supposed explanation only accounts for 2 of them. And for those two, it is obvious that the nations were created solely that purpose, to idle at 3NS and to be harvested if and when needed. [/quote] I don't know whether that's the case or not, but either way that's a legitimate form of war. What do you expect, no counter-attacks at all? We're already so far behind OP and LE in nukes, ANS, total NS, and every other stat that it doesn't even change much. Those guys are trying their best.
  13. [quote name='Thomasj_tx' timestamp='1316036708' post='2800552'] That's not correct because they were not flying the Anon AA at time of the war. Look at their AA seniority date. They were hidden nations that were intentionally created to wait in the wings and called in if needed. I'm not saying if that is right or wrong, good or bad. Everyone playing the game can make their on call on that. But at least be honest as to what they are. [/quote] Well, I can say for myself that I had no idea of their existence until the day they attacked. I'm not Anon gov, yknow
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