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28% Tax and people still adore me!


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My economy booms (an event that happened) and I am a capitalist nation. I have set my tax rate to 28% where I get a warning that this angers my citizens. But the overall people happiness is still "your population adores you". Are there any negative effects from 28% tax except "lowering" my people happiness although it seems to be as high as possible. For example negative events on tax collection?

Thanks for your help :)

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Your people are always anger with high taxes but it doesnt really matter, because keeping high tax rate gives you more money then love rate and people liking you more. I have 30% Tax Rate and I have 65.8 happiness.

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Highlight just right of the happiness image. You'll see a number. That's what's affected by the tax rate.


Lol none of us answered your question.

No, there are no other observable effects of high tax rate--I'm still getting the same number of crappy events as before I knew to raise tax rate.

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This chart shows the effects of tax rates on happiness.

•10% - 16% = +0 population happiness

•17% - 20% = -1 population happiness

•21% - 23% = -3 population happiness

•24% - 25% = -5 population happiness

•26% - 28% = -7 population happiness

The higher tax rates cause one to lose happiness and hence, reduces gross citizen income. Except for certain specific situations, you always make more money at 28% than you do at a lower tax rate ans it's higher gross citizen income. That is until you can buy the SSS and raise your tax rate to 30%. :)

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The only effect is a little loss to happiness as stated above but the benefit is usually a lot more taxes as the extra percents usually brings in more money than the happiness that is lost.

Other than that they truly aren't angry just unhappy.

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So Cybernations does not believe in the Laffer curve. Interesting.

The height of your tax revenue would be at 28% (30% with SSS), so admin just did the work for us :P Either way, we have 31,000 people playing this. A lot of them are math majors. Hell, you don't even need to be a math major to take five minutes to figure out the maximum income from taxes (it's all displayed on your nation page in real time). It would be figured out before the day is through.

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