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6k infa?


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You don't need to save at all because there is no jump at 6k or at 7k. The high end jumps after 5k are at 8k and 15k. Is it worth doing, in my opinion yes. By stopping, if you intend to ever have nukes, you'll have to do it via the Manhattan Project because you'll never gain ground on those doing both tech deals and buying infrastructure if you're only doing tech deals. The extra infrastructure does have its advantages. You can field a larger army, and hence more tanks. Granted your net income rise does slow, but you do make more money. And now there are some really nice wonders for those how get into the upper echelons 11k and higher. But it ultimately depends on your playing style and what plans you have for your nation.

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Yeah, there's jumps at 5k, 8k, 12k, and 15k. No infra jumps are at 6k. Also, some people stop at 7999.99 infra if they plan on being in wars, but that is up to you.

No jump at 12K. Actually, for a while there 12K was a reverse jump as maintenance costs declined. Admin changed that back to neutral 5 days ago.

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the change did cause an increase in upkeep after 12k infra iirc, something the wonders were put in place to counteract.

So is 12k have the same modifier as 11k infra or before this change, was 12k actually a lower modifier than 11k?

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As I understand it. Those were the values believed to be in place.

* 20-99.99 = 0.04 X Infra Level + 20

* 100-199.99 = 0.05 X Infra Level + 20

* 200-299.99 = 0.06 X Infra Level + 20

* 300-499.99 = 0.07 X Infra Level + 20

* 500-699.99 = 0.08 X Infra Level + 20

* 700-999.99 = 0.09 X Infra Level + 20

* 1000-1999.99 = 0.11 X Infra Level + 20

* 2000-2999.99 = 0.13 X Infra Level + 20

* 3000-3999.99 = 0.15 X Infra Level + 20

* 4000-4999.99 = 0.17 X Infra Level + 20

* 5000-7999.99 = 0.1725 X Infra Level + 20

* 8000-14999.99 = 0.175 X Infra Level + 20

You'll note the bolded part is the relevant section. This turned out to be incorrect in that someone noticed when they hit 12k, their upkeep costs went down and not up as it should have according to the formula. Admin confirmed it HERE that he had made a slight reduction to the formula at 12k to account for what he saw as stagnation when nations were hitting the 12k level and higher. The debate that insued lead to admin to return to the formula which caused a slight increase to those nations at 12k and higher. The solution to the stagnation problem that admin had noted was the introduction to the new top level (11k and higher) wonders that have been put in play. With the new wonders in place, the reduction for 12k+ was no longer needed and hence was eliminated returning everything back to the formula.

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Is it worth pushing to 6k? im sitting at 5999, and I am wondering if I should bother. If I am to bother, how much should I save before I go over 6k? If not, how should I spend the money I am making?

Infrastructure Guide, by DeathAngel and Neeps

--Clicking the above link is pointless unless you're in Echelon, which the OP is. ;)

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