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Join NATO, who else?

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1) NATO is located in the Aqua sphere. Commonly known as the sphere of :wub: (And we all know that Aqua > Orange any day)

2) NATO is a democracy. This makes it far more easy for your opinions to be heard. We value all our members

3) NATO is in an excellent situation diplomacy wise. We have good friends and strong relationships all over Planet Bob. Why? Because we're so darn huggable.

4) NATO is according to the latest survey, the best alliance in the game to be a member of*

5) NATO always take care of its own. If you want a community where people go that extra mile to help, choose NATO.

6) NATO currently have 250 members, with an average strength of 15.000.

7) NATO is evolving. Always. Whenever new or old members have good ideas, we make sure to put them in action.

8) NATO is members of the Continuum. The strongest power bloc in CN.

9) NATOs motto is: "Peace through superior firepower"

10) Last but not least, NATO wants you!

Of course I can brag all day about how cool and hot we are. But you should really check it out for yourself. If you click this link, I am sure you will find something that appeals to you.

Click the linkey!

Also, LOLcat:


Current NATO government:

President: Anu Drake

Vice President: Kurushio

Secretary General: Lenny N Karl

Secretary of Defense: Hakim

Secretary of the Interior: Pollexter

Secretary of State: Duncan King

Secretary of the Treasury: Rigas

*According to a survey taken by the seven NATO council members

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Joining NATO not only gets you kewl financial and training benefits, it lets you be part of a family also

NATO loves its members 50% more than the next best alliance*

*Survey on the thoughts of 7 random NATO members

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Norway pwns...

I spent 20 minutes looking for a funny Norwegian joke to respond. 20 minutes I'll never have back again.

How do you sink a Norwegian submarine?

Dive down and knock on their door.

Seriously. Snoreway.

/love them anyway.

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