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Terrible resources:


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I used to play a few months ago, not for long but I think I have a rough idea what resources are most desired.

I have Coal & Lead, I checked a few other nations with my resources and am wondering if they just got lucky finding their trades.

Would it be a good idea to delete and re-make or, in your opinions, are they not that bad?

Sorry if there's a special sub-forum for this kind of question, I could not find one.

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You need to find players that use the "industrial" trade set that gets 8 bonus resources:

Aluminum, Coal, Gold, Iron, Lumber, Lead, Marble, Oil, Rubber, Water, and Wheat.

Yeah, that only has 11 resources, but that's the combo that many players have. It's not the best combo in the game, but it is still very good and rather popular. The 12th slot is flexible to your desires or ability to find that last trade.

If you are willing to work hard enough and find players in your color that have two of the above then you might form a trade circle. Look first amongst your alliance, then branch out to any affiliated alliances that are treatied to your alliance or part of a color-wide trade combine.

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