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40k NS Nation "Searching"


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Join The World Order, we will give you the position of President, and to anyone else out there, we will give you positions in the government also. First come First serve. :mellow:

No one wants to join and I'm going to change that. You can be apart of the revolution in CyberNations politics. We will bring Change

(Just Like Obama says)

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Ever think about being a Spartan? I'm sure you've been around long enough to know what an alliance can provide you, so I won't get into that, but at least with us you won't get raided by Nueda Vida again. Plus you get discounted tech deals and free trades with us.

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Hi im DeadMetal ruler of Kyuss and im looking to join an Alliance, im not too active on these forums so i dont know who is good and who is bad which is why i decided to put myself out here and see who wants me :P .

Now you seem familiar. Did I just recently exchange pm's with you in game?

... <checks inbox> ...

Ha! I did. I asked you a couple days ago if you were finding that "Not inactive" tag in your bio to be effective deterrent against raiders and you said you weren't worried about them...

Current Status

I was at 43,214.931 NS but i was attacked over night by raiders and am now at 39,925.931,

Ooooh... I really have to keep a reign on my power to inadvertently twist fate with the spoken word.

I see you're applying to IRON so I'll skip the recruitment attempt and just wish you good luck.

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Well there is the IAA. We are kinda officially a Blue team alliance (it's more that were mostly Blue), but we let any color join. We're a very laid back alliance and just want to have fun in CN. We also got an active and fun community on the forums. And just another thing to note, you'd be ranked as the #1 nation in the alliance of you join. :P We're at www.imperial-assault.co.nr if you're interested.

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