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A congratulatory statement from David Mustaine

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Good afternoon gentlemen, ladies, vagrants, scallywags and courtesans. 


It has been more than six months since the great(est?) leader in cn history declared war on the noob polar order in defence of his holiness, the admin of cn.   The war ravages on, the brave soldiers of megalands continue to pillage and plunder the coffers of the noob polar order.   However, to quote the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, 

“You may have enemies whom you hate, but not enemies whom you despise. You must be proud of your enemy: then the success of your enemy shall be your success too.”


In that spirit I herby bestow upon the noob polar order a trophy in celebration of their success in keeping their cybernations awards for an impressive nine years running!  





May your achievement be everlasting!  





The dancing destroyer, the king of sting, the count of monte fisto, the prince of punch, the master of disaster, the one and only. 



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