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AL Bundy

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The Doom Wolves are looking for new young pups or old beat down scrappy wolves.

The Doom Wolves have an active government, with government spots open!

We are small now but will grow to an average sized alliance.

Don't bother joining if you a peace mode sitter or afraid to loose some pixels!


Becoming a wolf:


Join our alliance in game. Government will message you, or even better message me.  We will ask you to agree to our two “rules” and the majority of applicants are accepted.


Rules of wolves:

  • No raiding without permission.
  • If we are attacked, you attack back when asked.
  • If you accept a tech deal you must pay it back.

Some benefits for wolves:

  • You can rule your nation how you would like too, we only offer support and advise. We don’t force our members to do anything (except follow rules above)
  • Protection for your nation. Our wolves will defend you until the end, also we have some great allies.
  • Trade circles, we will get you hooked up with a full trade circle and keep it full!
  • Tech deals, good ones. We only offer 6/100 or 9/100 here.
  • Most communication is on discords - https://discord.gg/NnPAvXdqw9 


Message me if you have additional questions.


Thank you for the time,


Al Bundy of Bundyville

Alpha Doom Wolf

Doom Wolves


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