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Hi admin,


This less a bug and more obsolescence... I can't get the resource calculator tool to work anymore because Flash is broken (for everyone, I believe).


When I try and use the tool, it doesn't work even when I try to "run this time" or right-click and hit "run this plugin" (this was the solution that I used to make the tool work for the past 12 months or so).


Now when I do that, I am taken to a website that says Adobe has started blocking its flash player.


Will this be solved? Although I mostly have the important resources and their combined effects memorized (perhaps I shouldn't admit that?), I doubt that's common, especially among the newer players you're trying to encourage. And even I like to refer to the calculator.


Screenshots below:





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@admin Would you consider linking to a player-created calculator?


I am working on this calculator created via google sheets:



There are still bugs*, but I am working them out. The calculator states on it that "Access to this sheet is provided free of charge and with no warranties as to its accuracy".


(one of the bugs I noticed is that my calculations for maximum infra total cost reduction seem to be off... I used "sum" of the effects and got to -42%, but if I recall correctly, the actual combined maximum is something like -39%. So I'm assuming that's a result of compounding and that I need to check my formulas). 

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