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Article I - Non-aggression
The signed alliances shall maintain a strict policy of non-aggression towards one another. Neither alliance will pursue any military aggression against the other and both will avoid any actions that would do the other harm.
Article II - Intelligence
Should either party come into possession of information that suggests any of the activities prohibited by Article 1 are being engaged in by a third party, it is the obligation of that party to give that information to the other party quickly and completely.
Article III - Aid
Should a signatory alliance find themselves in need of financial assistance, it is encouraged of the other party to render aid when requested.
Article IV - Defense
Should one signatory alliance be attacked, it is strongly encouraged, but not required, for the other alliance to come to their aid militarily.
Article V - Optional Aggression
Should one alliance find just cause in launching an offensive war, that alliance has the right to petition the other for aid, military of otherwise. It is the option of the petitioned alliance whether to oblige.
Article VI - Diplomacy
Any points of contention between the signatory alliances will attempted to be solved with diplomacy before any other action is taken. In public, discourse between the two signatory alliances shall remain respectful at all times.
Article VII - Termination
Should the two sides be unable to resolve their differences diplomatically, this pact may be terminated by either party after giving 72 hours notice to the other.

Signed for FTW,
~ Mad King Canik

Signed for LoSS,
~ The Trinity: Sir Sexton, ButtonyMeteor53, Flygirl

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