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IRON is going Lambeau Leaping

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A message to the frauds currently calling themselves “The Pack” :  IRON is here to




Al Bundy thinks he can QB his fake Pack to a W, even though he was just a  high school RB. But we all know who the real GOAT is. Bundy’s high school prowess at football is nothing compared to the most talented QB of all time, Mr. Aaron Rodgers.  It’s time to show those frauds just how much of a baaaaaaaaaad man number #12 is. Rodgers is going to launch bombs on “The Pack” like he drops in Hail Mary’s!




The Pack, just like those purple wimps from MN thought last round they were the King of The North.  But we all know who the true King of the North is...




tl;dr IRON declares war on “The Pack”



Brewersalliance, aka Aaron Rodgers

Caesar, aka Brett Favre

Sister Midnight, aka Bart Starr


And a reminder to all those in TE:




There is no time to RELAX, we are coming for you next.


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