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Ooc: just something I'm tossing up. It's open to anyone who wants something to do. 


Decades of what seemed like dead almost silent peace across the globe was disturbed in east Africa by the roar of gunfire, before anyone knew what was going on the government was overthrown and armed militants had flooded the streets of Mogadishu. Firefights between Somali military and armed rogues tore the city apart, and before morning rose a large crowd stormed the Parliament building grabbing everyone inside. Street side executions in the most medieval manner possible were conducted as the unknown armed force tightened its grip on the city. 

Radio and television stations were then seized, broadcasting the news to Somalia and Africa abroad. A man with several facial scars sat down on a chair and began speaking.


"My name, is Abraham Sadiq, I am the leader of the Somalian people's army, and I have come my friends to free us from the shackles of this corrupt and destitute government. These politicians who sit, eat like kings and watch us die in poverty are no longer safe. They promise, time and time again, change is coming oh this day will be different or elect me and we shall bring wealth and prosperity to Somalia....such lies they speak. In just a few hours, I have brought you change. In a few more, I will purge this wretched government that has let our people die and wallow in filth. Today is the first day, of the rest of our lives." 


Sadiq snapped his fingers and two large men threw a man with a sack over his head in front of him, "you see now, the price that must be paid for a new Somali? Do you see now, why I do the things I do? It's to free us from the conventional enslavement and delusional idea that is western democracy." He removed the sack and grabbed the man from the back of the neck lifting him to face the camera, "meet your elected prime minister, muhammad zadir, a professional failure in all accounts. He promised us, economic growth and unity, but all he has done is allow us to suffer, and pay for his lifestyle." Sadiq then savagely threw zadir to the ground and stood from the chair putting his boot behind the head of the prime minister, "you see now? Zadir. It is over for you, for your family, for everything." Zadir moaned and tried screaming as Sadiq pushed the boot harder into the back of his head. 

"I invite all of Somali to join us, let this revolution create the country we've all wanted, let it create a better future, and more importantly." Sadiq snapped his fingers again and the two men grabbed zadir from the ground and pushed him against a wall, the camera panned over to him as Sadiq walked to him now holding a knife and putting it to the camera, "more importantly, let us get justice" he plunged the knife into zadir, "for the corruption, for the lies, and for every time someone died under their administration." He continued to stab the prime minister in a horrific manner, until zadir was good and dead, "let us go now my people...and take our country back." The feed died out, and all across Somalia war tore through the country. Armed militants raided army bases and took everything that was needed for an all out take over. Hell broke out in Somalia, and what few stood before it were being burned. 

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OOC: I'm not going to be specific with numbers, I figure you would not be in full control and it would be better to RP out you squashing those who wish to resist you before we potentially fight each other or become super best bros :P

To the southwest across the border into Kenya, just south of Dadaab, one of several carbon spires that led into space had the various intelligence capabilities that would be required for protecting such a vital aspect of the global economy that was left on the planet, a slow increase in Imperium military presence in the region would at the very least slow any potential incursion into the Elevator's zone. The bases in Socotra, Djibouti, Eritrea, and Yemen were minimally staffed, though they would at least be able to put up a fight before being overran. 

Upon Luna, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Keikō watched the situation with minimal interest, the facility was important to the growth of the rest of the solar system, but rebel factions had came and went ever since Axum had fallen. He subconsciously toyed with the sword that bear that name that sat sheathed upon his waist, a gift from what seemed like centuries ago to his mother at the dawn of the new world which he currently lived in, for all of the consequences of the choices made by so many others previously.

Long ago, a friendship formed between the Imperium and Somalia that led to the future in which he lived, perhaps such a relationship could be formed again, or perhaps he'd find himself with new enemies, communication and an attempt at diplomacy would be the fastest route to finding out which.

A pair of stealth helicopters with radar jamming devices to further deny governmental forces intelligence slipped across the border, looking for members of the Somalia People's Army. Sanura Inoue was the Intelligence Officer assigned to the task, herself being a homegrown asset, a child of a woman from Kenya who assisted in building the tether to the heavens. 

Jung Akiyama led the military elements however, a designer child born in Los Angeles who learned combat from puberty, along with three dimensional strategy while in one of the Imperium's orbital platforms intended to create an advanced leadership capability for naval warfare. It was believed that understanding ground combat would be a potential asset to those in charge of larger naval vessels, forcing a minimum of one year ground duty before being allowed command in a small vessel, and from those frigates those who stood out were quickly promoted.

While technically Sanura was in command, she was there merely for intelligence gathering and potential negotiations, if they were fired upon it was Akiyama's job to get them back to Imperium held territory, ideally anyway. They sat in silence, along with fourteen others in their craft, sixteen more in the other, everyone wearing black with no distinguishing markings and geared for full combat. Sanura sat watching a screen near the door while holding one of the handle supports, watching the view from the cockpit as they continued heading towards Hosingow, the closest city to the Imperium controlled territory that was of importance, and hopefully a location with some resistance. Edited by Mogar
expansion of thoughts
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"Reports out of Somalia are confusing, conflicting, and as usual contradictory," Admiral Degrasse said as he worked his way through a rather large pile of documents in front of him. 


"Situation normal, all @#$#ed up?" asked Dillion. 


"Looks that way," muttered Denard.


"Clearly not enough to call for a full mobilization of the Brotherhood Militias," Empress Sufianna said.


"No, not nearly enough, but we should raise our alert levels, order the 1st and 2nd RCTs to begin notifying their active reserve battalions to properly prepare themselves," Dillion suggested.


"Throw in the 3rd as well, the Morte Hommes would get jealous if the Red Legs and Spartans got orders and they didn't," Denard said. "We should also consider preparing to enter Somalia in force if things get too far out of hand."


"No, hold our own for now," the Empress ordered. "We've kept to ourselves in our enclave here in Sudan for good reason. Stability has been good for us, prosperity even better. I will ask Port of Sudan Imports and Exports to make contact with the Somalians in an unofficial capacity and request a briefing on the situation."


"Gentleman Johnny will no doubt find away to turn a profit," Denard said with a snort.


"And notifications for the active reserves?" Dillion asked.


"Of course, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd RCTS are to notify their active reserve battalions to do inventories of their stocks. Have them do a readiness check as well to see who is deploy-able and who isn't," the Empress ordered.


"I'll see to it myself," Denard said. 


"Good," the Empress replied quietly as she dismissed the three men from her private office. 

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