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The Dark Order

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Round 34 saw the partnership of two new alliances, the Angels of War and the Fearless Fighters, in two multi-alliance wars. 

Though each time, coordination was rather rushed, we learned to fight side by side as brothers, rising swiftly at the end of each war.


A friendship forged in fire.


Having worked so well together, and established such bonds, the leaders of AoW and FF decided to combine our strengths.


This day, we officially announce the existence of The Dark Order, a black team force.







Top Gear


We look forward to a fun round.

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We look forward to a fun round.




Thanks!  We look forward to a fun round :)




Quoting directly from the DoE? Come on, BG, don't be lazy ;)

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lol, Caz I'm a busy man, I have a big alliance to run now :P


Hia Sheppard, glad to see your more active this round...even joining the fourms :)


Didn't you say you were going to join me this round or am I dreaming :P

Thanks, and GL to you guys as well!!



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Was going to BG but there no fearless fighters :(
Yeah more active on the forums, thought it could do with a dumb noob ;P
Lols....going to give NLoN another crack. Trade circle should be complete soon (fingers crossed).
GL to you this round too.

Also that game I was talking about is called Politics and War.

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