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The Templar Knights

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Knight Motto - Do Your Duty, Come What May. -The Templar Knights

Introduction Of The Templar Knights (TTK)

We are a strong alliance reaching just about 200 members with a great leadership, and great relations with many other alliances. We strive to live the prosperous life - offering our members protection, aid, and brotherhood; for we aren't just an alliance, we are a family. We know how to take care of our own.

What Does The Templar Knights Have To Offer?

The Templar Knights offer a 3 million sign up bonus as well as protection and being a medium sized alliance we have a great amount to offer such as many Aid Programs to further help your nation grow to its fullest potential along with a vast amount of tech sellers and a vast amount of tech buyers. The Templar Knights also offers you a huge amount of positions with in the alliance such as Military, and Government that you can work for or you can relax in our leisure forums. The Templar Knights also include a well built Academy to help both new and old nations of Planet Bob. Finally The Templar Knights offers you a point system in which provides you with points for each post you make on the boards. When you reach a certain amount of points you may cash them in for money, tech, and even donations.

List of Programs

-Starting Aid: 3million start up aid once you join The Templar Knights.

-Military University: Coming Soon.

-Templar Academy: Members can find all kinds of information and help for both The Templar Knights and Cybernations.

-Mentoring: Members welcome new nations into the order through mentoring by sharing experiences from their own nations development.

-Grand Master Appreciation Grant: The Grand Master may grant 3million to any individual within The Templar Knights.

-The Templar Knights Bank: Members may take out a loan in which can be used for growth of their nation.

-Small Infra Jump Aid: Members may sign up for jump aid before making their infrastructure jump. 1000 and 2000 infra jumps.

-Big Infra Jump Aid: Members may sign up for jump aid before making their infrastructure jump. 3000 and up.

What The Templar Knights Ask From You

All that The Templar Knights wish in return is that you stay as active as possible so that you wont miss anything and so that you will be up to date on what your brethren has been up too. We would also like our members to spam as much as you can but its up to you really.

Let Us Ask You A Question

We do not judge people in The Templar Knights. We welcome any member of planet bob, no matter what your past may have held unless of course those past actions would bring the alliance harm. When you become a Templar Knight your past is forgotten and your future begins. So do you have what it takes to be an Honorable Templar Knight? .:The Templar Knights Forum:.

The Templar Knights YouTube Video

The Charter Of The Templar Knights

The Templar Knights

I. Introduction

In the recognition of the right to exist free from the threat of attack or oppression, we the undersigned nations

have bound ourselves to this document, putting our faith in the ideals and beliefs that it espouses. To declare

this, we take the following the Knight’s Code as our oath:

I, *insert name*, as a Knight Templar, hereby solemnly swear to act at all times with the utmost honor towards

both ally and enemy. I will not insult either my brother knights or anyone else be they friend or foe. I shall only

wage war when called upon or when I or a brother knight is attacked. As a soldier of The Templar Knights I will

stand firm against all threats, using my fear as my sword and my courage as my shield. Finally, I acknowledge

that the welfare of The Templar Knights is my first and foremost priority and I give myself up to defend it. If I

fail in my quest to uphold this oath I willingly place myself before the alliance for judgment.

II. Membership

1. No members will be discriminated for any reason and all applications will be evaluated fairly.

2. Applicants may not be in any wars during the process, cannot be members of another alliance, and must

complete and post the following information:

Nation name and ruler:

Nation strength:

Nation resources:

The Knights’ Oath with the applicant's name inserted in the correct place.

Is not involved in any wars: (Y/N)

Is not involved with any other alliance: (Y/N)

3. Failure to meet these requirements will result in a denial of membership into the Templar Knights alliance.

4. All new members will be placed within the TTK Applicant Program and must go through the course and pass

the exam before becoming full Templar Knight member. Exceptions can be made for high-strength members.

5. No Templar Knight may hold more than one leadership position. If it is discovered that this has occurred,

they will default to the higher position unless otherwise stated. The Grand Master may make exceptions to

this rule when necessary.

III. Expulsion

1. Any member may put forth a motion to have another Knight expelled with valid cause.

2. Evidence must be presented to the Elder Council, Advisor and Grand Master before any action is taken

concerning dismissal of a member from the alliance. Evidence presented must be in the form of screen

shots, IRC logs or similar context. Evidence will be posted to the priory on a per case basis depending

on the nature and severity of the logs. The decision to post or not will be at the Grand Master's


3. The Elder Council, Advisor and Grand Master will vote and the act will pass if a simple majority is reached

in favor of the accused member's dismissal.

IV. Government

1. The Priory

A. Every member of The Templar Knights is a member of the Priory and will be treated with respect.

B. Priory members will vote on charter amendments and Elder Councilors, as well as be able to overturn

government decisions with a 75% reversal vote.

2. The Elder Council

A. The Elder Council is the voice of the Priory, they will be elected by the Priory to represent the Priory in

the Government.

B. The Elder Council will consist of nine representatives of the Priory, all with equal voice.

C. One member of the Elder Council will be selected as Sergeant-at-Arms to ensure efficiency in the Elder

Council chambers. No other powers will be granted, either expressed or implied, above any other Elder


i. The tasks assigned to the Sergeant-at-Arms will be to ensure proper time limits are met for discussion

and voting in the Elder Council Chambers as well as announcements to the priory concerning decisions

made by the Elder Council.

ii. The position will be selected by the Grand Master and confirmed by the current Elder Council members.

D. The Elder Council's primary task is to ensure the Marshals, Grand Master and Advisor follows the Charter

as written.

i. If the Marshals, Grand Master and Advisor do not follow the Charter, the Elder Council may hold a vote

in which they can and may overturn the charter violation with a 66% approval vote.

ii. The Elder Council may vote to add new amendments to the Charter by a 66% approval vote. Once

they have approved the amendment, it will be confirmed in the priory with a 66% approval vote before

it is added to the Charter as a permanent change. Any changes to the charter must also have the

approval of the Grand Master before they can be added to the Charter.

E. The Elder Council members will serve a two month term.

F. The Elder Council must vote as a unit when discussing treaties that will involve potential military action

or military requirements on the alliance’s behalf. This must pass with 66% of the Elder Council as well as

approval from the Grand Master.

i. This does not apply to declarations of war.

G. Any actions that are voted on concerning discipline issues resulting from charter violations will require a

written notification to the Grand Master. The Grand Master will determine and carry out disciplinary issues.

The Elder Council is not granted this authority, either expressed or implied.

3. Marshals

A. Marshals shall be selected by the Grand Master and serve in permanent positions. They will not have

voting privileges in the Elder Council and will not be considered part of the Elder Council.

i. They will not outrank Elder Councilors in the government hierarchy but rather be considered equals.

ii. Marshal selections made by the Grand master can be overturned by a 66% vote in favor of removal

by the Elder Council. This vote is not required but can be called for by the Elder Council and the Grand

Master must be notified immediately by private message concerning the vote being brought forth.

a. If a vote is called for, it must be completed with 72 hours of the announcement of the Marshal's

appointment and the results forwarded in writing with a reason for disallowing the appointment.

iii. Marshals will have the privilege of seeing the Elder Council chambers but will be instructed not to post

in topics located in the Elder Council Chambers. Violations can and may result in the mask being

changed to read only or removal of access privileges.

B. Marshal of Foreign Affairs (herein, MoFA)

i. This person shall be completely responsible for maintaining alliance relationships with other alliances

within the Cybernations realm.

ii. Selection of diplomats for the alliance will be the responsibility of the MoFA.

iii. Items such as treaties, diplomacy and other issues primarily concerning external issues shall be the

responsibility of the MoFA.

iv. Selection of Deputies of Foreign Affairs will be the responsibility of the MoFA.

v. Aligned rogues will be handled by the MoFA, until such time that talks break down and arrangements

are deemed impossible. At that point the Grand Master and Advisor will be contacted by the MoFA,

if they have not already been involved, a decision will be made whether to hand this situation to

the MoD for further actions by the Marshal, Grand Master and Advisor as a collective body.

C. Marshal of Internal Affairs (herein, MoIA)

i. This person shall be completely responsible for maintaining intra-alliance issues to include recruiting,

alliance guidelines. and testing of TTK applicants.

ii. Selection of Recruiters for the alliance will be the responsibility of the MoIA.

iii. Selection of Deputies of Internal Affairs will be the responsibility of the MoIA.

D. Marshal of Defense (herein, MoD)

i. The Marshal of Defense will be responsible for all issues pertaining to wars.

ii. Selection of Deputy MoD's, Division Commanders and Squad Leaders shall be the responsibility of the


iii. The MoD will have the authority to authorize attacks on unaligned rogue nations that endanger

members of this alliance.

iv. The MoD does not have authorization to declare war on alliances or aligned rogues without approval

from the Grand Master.

v. The MoD will be responsible for the training of the military hierarchy that serve under his span of

control, to include the military training of all of the membership in the priory. He will be responsible

for the Armory and military training section of the Academy.

E. Marshal of Economics (herein, MoE)

i. The MoE shall be responsible for the economic growth of the membership.

ii. Selection of Deputy MoE's shall be the responsibility of the MoE.

iii. Programs related to growth such as tech deals, aid, grants and other growth related issues shall be

completely the responsibility of the MoE.

F. Deputy Marshals

i. Deputy Marshals shall serve as second-in-command to the Marshal's of their respective area.

ii. They will fulfill the duties assigned by their respective Marshal.

iii. Deputy Marshals will not have access to the Elder Council.

iv. Deputy Marshals will not have a vote in the Elder Council chambers.

4. Grand Master

A. The Grand Master is the leader of the alliance and makes all of the final decisions in regards to

alliance affairs.

B. Any aligned nation or alliance Declarations of War and treaties must be approved by the Grand


C. Upon resignation, The Elder Council will come together and choose a new Grand Master with a vote

of 77%.

D. Once retired, the Grand Master will assume the title of Patriarch by default.

E. A vote of confidence will be taken every 3 months and may only result in a new Grand Master if they

fail to receive a simple majority of the votes.

5. Advisor

A. The Advisor will act in the name of the Grand Master whenever the Grand Master are away or are

unable to complete their duties.

B. The Advisor position must be filled at all times and the current office holder may be removed at any

time by the Grand Master. No warning is necessary for this removal to take place.

C. The Advisor is second-in-command and can act on the behalf of the Grand Master if the Grand

Master is unavailable, either due to absence and or where an immediate decision is necessary.

Any decisions made by the Adviser may be overruled by the Grand Master.

D. The Advisor is a helping hand to the Grand Master. The Adviser will assist in making decisions with

the Grand Master. If an agreement is not mutually reached, the Elder Council will be consulted as

a tie breaker, should the Grand Master defer the decision to them.

E. The Advisor will be selected by the Grand Master butcan be overturned by a 66% vote in favor of

removal by the Elder Council. This vote is not required but can be called for by the Elder Council

and the Grand Master must be notified immediately by private message concerning the vote being

brought forth.

6. Patriarch

A. All retired Grand Masters are automatically given the title of Patriarch.

B. Influential members of The Templar Alliance may be nominated by both the Grand Master they served

under as well as the currently serving Grand Master. They will be made a Patriarch if they are

confirmed by a simple majority by the Priory.

C. This position allows the Patriarch to take on an advisory role within the government where they

may assist the Elder Council and the Grand Master in the decision making process.

D. Patriarchs are not allowed to vote on any discussions within the Elder Council Chambers.

V. War

1. Diplomacy is expected to be conducted before any hostilities erupt although the amount of discussions will

be left to the judgment of the MoFA, Advisor and Grand Master.

2. An alliance wide war may only be conducted upon approval or declaration from the Grand Master.

3. Joke wars will not be allowed period and will face severe penalties as this is against the rules of Cybernations.

It is considered war slot filling and will not be tolerated.

A. Penalties for this will be determined by only the Grand Master and Advisor up to and including aggressive

actions and or intra-alliance sanctions.

B. Immediately declaring peace in a Joke war situation will not be an excuse to stop actions from being taken.


VI. Amendments

1. Any member of the alliance may put forth an amendment proposal for voting.

2. Discussion on the amendment will last for 48 hours.

3. Voting will last for 48 hours.

VII. Voting Procedures

1. Any member may run for an Elder Council seat.

2. All candidates must receive two nominations from Priory members before being placed on the ballot. The

nomination period will last for two days.

3. Immediately following nominations, a two day question format will be required of all nominees. The questions

will be from any and all members of the alliance. If the questions are not completed in the time allotted by

the nominee, they will be removed from the ballot for reasons of inactivity.

A. The question and answer period shall never be less than 48 hours total before voting begins.

4. Once the question and answer session has expired, the voting will commence for a period of 72 hours. All

alliance members will be requested to vote for the candidates of their choice with a maximum of 9 total

votes per member of the Priory.

5. The total election period will encompass the seven days prior to the start of the new Elder Council Term.

6. The newly elected Elder Councilors will begin their two month term on the 1st day after elections are

completed and the results posted in the Priory.

Edited by Emperor Bentley
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