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The Kabul Gazette

Peter Ilyich

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United States of Afghanistan

Once a nation covered by terrorism and Muslim extremists, Afghanistan was a nation that seemed to be in a unsavable state. However, it was not.

Afghanistan is now returned to the world. Led by a free state and claiming multiple lands, It will become a global power. The rest of the world will recognize the new state for it will be there for a long while.

The nation is also colonized by many English so it also has a larger English population. The government would quickly issue a standard newspaper, The Kabul Gazette, which will track actions and events both nationally and internationally on a regular basis.


KABUL, U.S.A- Recently, the government has passed the ruling that formed the Afghan Military, and is beginning drafting men ages 18-50, however men as young as 13 may enlistand women as young as 16 and as old as 30 may enlist.

The military includes the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Many people are not happy that they are being drafted, but the government states that they are in need of over 150,000 soldiers divided through the four branches.

People who are protesting are escorted back to there homes, however are not being threatened or punished as protesting is legal as long as it excludes the use of force against the government.



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North Korea is the rightful owner of the entire Korean peninsula which has been divided by the Imperialist powers that be. We have been working since our existence to reunify Korea under the banner of Juche. We will not stand for a foreign power to illegally occupy rightful Korean lands!

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"We do hereby request that the Afghan Government forgo their absolutely bizarre claim to the South of the Korean Peninsula. We cannot even begin to imagine the logic behind such a move, and give our support to North Korea in any of their efforts to remove your ridiculous claim to the land."
- Princess Lanying
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"Perhaps if you want the land so badly, we could negotiate.


To Lanying:


Does it make sense that Athenian Federation has land in Louisiana? No. So why are you just getting on us, hum? I speak for the nation of the United States of Afghanistan, of course. We are not going to get on Athens because it is none of our buisiness what they claim, of course. However you seem to care quite a bit about something that you should not be worrying about yet.

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"Athenian policies and land are the concern of neither us, nor you. That land has been with them for many decades, unlike your spontaneous and unwarranted move on the Korean Peninsula. Whilst Athens is far away in Europe, you are right on our doorstep; a doorstep that we plan to keep clean, and will sanitise if need be."
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Private, in her office

"Goddammit.", swore Lanying. "I am going to dumpster this kid."

In a total accident, she and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accidently leaked the plaintext Afghani message to the public and accidently spread it worldwide.

Private response

"That is unacceptable. The only thing that we are giving you in this trade is good faith; you will renounce claims to the Korean Peninsula, and that will be the end of it."
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"You never told me the nation you represent."

Returned to the Afghani Government would be a picture of a Meihua'a military parade, with someone who looked Royal, and that they dumpstered kids in their spare time, watching from a balcony above. Also, there were lots of Meihua'a flags all over the place, with big words and arrows pointing towards them saying "Flag of Meihua' On the reverse of the picture would be written:

Sorry your Foreign Affairs guys suck. Hope we can avoid any misunderstandings in the future!

- Lanying
Edited by Horo the Wise Wolf
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Well we look forward to working with you in the future.


Classified A.K.A This issue is only available to Afghanistan Citizens


Afghanistan: Protecting the Lands


MOZAMBIQUE- Afghani forces, after leaving the Second Korean War willingly, and then being halted in Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan successfully raised a flag in Mozambique, Africa. They were then told to evict anyone who is a Afghanistan citizen but from Meihua, and if they resisted were given permission to take them out. If they were a Meihua citizen but living in Afghanistan they were given money for there house back and escorted kindly back to there homeland. This was the same for main land Afghanistan. A travel ban was also posted and rany relations were cut. This was the same for North Korea minus the eviction laws.

Afghanistan are the protectors of the land, the saviors of the struggle, and the life of the dead. Securing Mozambique was rather easy and there was very little if not no resistance as the region was already in a tough position with nearly no infrastructure. Troops secured the region then assisted in establishing government that would be controlled by the overall rulers, Afghanistan.

The United States of Afghanistan, or the U.S.A, were proud to say that besides a few minor setbacks and a declaration of war, Afghanistan was off to a great start.

On the topic of the Korean War Declaration, and since Afghanistan had left Korea, the U.S.A disregarded the war and put it in a filing cabinet. It was a worthless war that they had no reason to fight. The two nations against them, if found within a 10 mile radius of the borders, would be warned and escorted back to there homeland.

Edited by Peter Ilyich
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Tensions in Asia building up, especially for Afghanistan, border patrol is on high alert and ready to defend in the case of an attack, however have no intentions to attack unless struck first.

As for Mozambique, it would be defended by troops in the area, and 5,000 more would be sent on land, to arrive in 9 days.

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After seeing many of their Meihua'a compatriots being taken down by the Afghani forces, the citizens of Meihua living in the country refused to leave. Instead, they began taking in ethnic Chinese people (since people from Meihua are Chinese) and hiding them in their homes. However, not all were saved. Two videos were captured and released onto the internet of non-Meihua citizens from Meihua being forced from their homes and taken out. The videos instantly went viral inside Meihua itself, which prompted an instant response from the Government, especially after a nationwide petition for them to take action.

"After their egregious attempts at annexing random swathes of South-Eastern Asia, the Afghani Government has seen it necessary to take punitive action upon us for our actions to prevent them from doing so and keep our lands free from their wanton aggression. Now, they have started evicting those of Meihua'a origin from their nation, and killing those who do not comply with their demands. And who wouldn't? To be taken from their homes and loved ones by a regime that has been their for less time than they have...", spoke Lanying to the nation and world, with a determined glare at the camera. "This is an unacceptable reality, and one we will not allow to stand. From now and until we somehow find a resolution, we will stand against the tyrannical Afghani regime and protect not only ours, but their own citizens from their wrath."

Full embargoes on all trade with Afghanistan would be enacted, and the entire Huá hǎijūn would be deployed to the area. After the incidents with them in Korea and Papua New Guinea, no chances could be taken, and Captains would be authorised to fire upon any unrecognisable ship that did not identify itself with a nation that wasn't Afghanistan. For those that did, only those without weapons would be permitted to come into close contact with the ships - others would be fired upon if they came too near.

Arabian Sea Force Positions:

Gulf of Aden:
Sōryū-class NWD Shělēi, NWD Chìtóng, NWD Qièqiàn, NWD Bùlán

Off the coast of Somalia:
Visby-class NWD Méiguī, NWD Bǎihé, NWD Xiāngxuě, NWD Línglán, NWD Zhī
Formidable-class NWD Yuánjī

Off the coast of Pakistan:
Visby-class NWD Mòlì, NWD Shuǐxiān, NWD Xiùqiú, NWD Sháoyào, NWD Zǐluó, NWD Júshǔ, NWD Lánkē, NWD Shuǐyù, NWD Cùjiāng, NWD Lián, NWD Làjú
Formidable-class NWD Língqǐ

Further out would be the NWD Qīnghuā, and there would be streams of Queenston-class ships resupplying ships when needed. All ships would be authorised to fire upon any Afghani military ships that attempted to come out of port.

Message to the United States of Afghanistan, public

For your crimes against humanity and our people, we will not only be embargoing you, but we will also destroy any military vehicle or movement that occurs on your coastline, be it Air Force, Navy, or Army. This will continue until we can come to a satisfactory agreement in regards to the murder of those who originated from Meihua and your abhorrently poor treatment of our still-citizens. To this extent, we invite members of your Government to talks in Shēngméi, so that we might come to a quick and speedy resolution.

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Guaruntee us Sri Lanka and we are leaving immeadetly. That is all we want is some land seperate from our previously stated.



Hi.  We haven't met.  But basically.  Tianxia is basically an unstoppable killing murder machine that smashes smaller nations for sustenance.  Demanding our territory is not a good way to start less we decide to sneeze on you.

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