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Commonwealth of Massachusetts News and Actions

Peter Ilyich

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts

News & Actions

Democrat, American/Republican, Whig

Executive Government
President Calvin Coolidge
Vice President Percival Proctor Baxter

Secretary of State Malcolm Nichols
Department of Agriculture's Riley Garret
Department of Commerce's Benjamin Reed
Department of Defense's Edward Paul Revere
Department of Education's Sherry Edwards
Department of Energy's Mandy Gardner
Department of Health's Lee Boone
Department of Homeland Security's Erik Lawson
Department of Housing and Development's Lamar Alexander
Department of the Interior's Andrew Perry
Department of Justice's Allen Carlson
Department of Labor's Eduardo Blake
Department of State's Ron Warren
Department of Transportation's Darlene Castillo
Department of the Treasury's Josephine Mendoza
Department of Human Resource's Wilson Flores

Congressional Senate

Aaron Wright of Maine

Allen Abbott of Maine

Beverly Sims of Massachusetts

Carole Gardner of Massachusetts

Christian Adams of Maine

Damon Pope of Maine

Della Waters of Massachusetts

Dexter Olson of Maine

Donald Fletcher of Maine

Elijah Buchanan of Maine

Isabel Singleton of Massachusetts

Janis Moreno of Maine

Jean Garrett of Maine

Judy Holt of Maine

Kendra Jacobs of Maine

Latoya Harris of Massachusetts

Johnathon Kennedy of Massachusetts

Malcolm Vargas of Massachusetts

Mandy Riley of Massachusetts

Maxine Moran of Maine

Nadine Klein of Massachusetts

Nancy Mack of Maine

Otis Schmidt of Maine

Roberto Vaughn of Massachusetts

Rosalie Logan of Maine

Sophia Mcbride of Massachusetts

Tabitha Burgess of Massachusetts

Tony Alexander of Massachusetts

Warren Lee of Massachusetts

Woodrow Miles of Massachusetts


Congressional House of Representatives

Ada Bush of Massachusetts

Alejandro Jefferson of Maine

Alton Benson of Massachusetts

Belinda Hale of Maine

Bradford Thompson of Maine

Brandon Cole of Massachusetts

Cassandra Malone of Massachusetts

Cecilia Meyer of Massachusetts

Charlie Baldwin of Massachusetts

Clint Hansen of Massachusetts

Delia Rhodes of Maine

Donnie Wolfe of Massachusetts

Douglas Rios of Massachusetts

Edith Bradley of Massachusetts

Hazel Burke of Massachusetts

Homer Young of Massachusetts

Inez Fuller of Massachusetts

Jana Fox of Maine

Joanna Luna of Massachusetts

Kari Buchanan of Massachusetts

Leo Lowe of Massachusetts

Lorena Osborne of Maine

Lucille Griffin of Massachusetts

Lynn Hawkins of Massachusetts

Neal Graham of Massachusetts

Nettie Taylor of Maine

Nicolas Fitzgerald of Maine

Ramiro Clark of Maine

Ramona Dawson of Massachusetts

Sadie Morton of Massachusetts

Sally Clarke of Maine

Sharon Mendoza of Massachusetts

Shelley Porter of Maine

Troy Frazier of Maine

Wesley Rice of Massachusetts


Judicial Government

Franklin Mcguire, Chief Justice

Anne Lopez, Justice

Audrey Vaughn, Justice

Delbert Hopkins, Justice

Eric Patrick, Justice

Lauren Frank, Justice

Levi Valdez, Justice

Melody Weaver, Justice

Rolando Haynes, Justice


Presidents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Key: Democratic, American/Republican
1: Calvin Coolidge(1-5)
VP: Percival Proctor Baxter
-The First Coolidge Administration organized the nation that Massachusetts has become. He organized the entire government, established law and order, made the nation into an economic powerhouse, and defeated the Islamic Republic, a terrorist organization which bombed Fenway Park and attempted to destroy Old Plymouth. He also past Act 27, more commonly known as the Gun Rights Act, which would later be passed as the 9th Amendment on the Constitution of 1940, the Massachusetts constitution in use today. Although some parts of his administration are up to debate, he is a founding father of Massachusetts, one of the greatest presidents we have ever had, and practically carved the nation with his own hands.

2: Maurice J. Tobin(6-9)
VP: Ora Knight
-The Tobin Administration has been one of controversy, debate, and mixed emotions. Not only did the Tobin Administration make many lousy, sloppy actions, but they also undermined the Coolidge Administration, thus causing both administrations to be subject to debate. Although Tobin's mandate begun with the democrats in power, him being a celebrity, and them successfully altering anything they felt necessary, he was defeated by a joint collaboration between the republicans and the harborcrats. Tobin began to spread propaganda nullifying the harborcrats and their movements to establish an american society. His administration ended in just three years, as well as three years early, following the Massachusetts Declaration of War Against the Communist States of America, an order which he fulfilled without consent and approval from congress, an unconstitutional act which called for special elections to take place in one year. His final major action besides launching multiple attacks on Communist soil, was approving Act 62, more commonly known as the Coolidge Rules Act. It is known this because it was a government structure proposed five years ago by the Coolidge Administration.

3: Calvin Coolidge(10)

VP: Percival Proctor Baxter

-Following the special elections in 8 ACI, former Republican President Calvin Coolidge returned to the office now under the American Party in 10 ACI. The second Coolidge Administration was cut short after 97 days in the Executive's Mansion when Coolidge was hospitalized with coronary thrombosis. Five days later, Coolidge was announced dead and Percival Proctor Baxter assumed the Presidency for the remainder of the Coolidge term. The only significant act he passed was Act 80, also called the Parliament Act, because it called for dissolution of Congress, however while hospitalized, he also passed Act 83, calling for new uniforms for the military.

4: Percival Proctor Baxter(10-14)

VP: Malcolm Nichols

-The Baxter Administration, the first from Maine and first to be seated in Chaplain, was thought to be able to compete even with the successes of their predecessor, Calvin Coolidge, quickly ran downhill into a failure. He was most known as the "Amender," because he was the only president to add 2 amendments to the Constitution of 1940. His Mandate was plagued by war, with the Blockade of Cuba, War on Terrorism, and the Two Years' War. Peace talks prepared by Coolidge failed under Baxter, and the war only escalated. Plans to lower inflation made by Coolidge fell through Baxter's fingers. He did, however, make the Coolidge Rules Act an amendment, as well as passing the Second Act of Parliament, and turning the 2 acts into 1 singular amendment. Shortly after this time, IRIM launched its first attack in nearly 10 years against Massachusetts, launching the Massachusetts War on Terrorism. When it was time for Percival Proctor Baxter to run for reelection, the American Party refused to nominate him for election and instead chose a new candidate to run for the Americans following the only president that truly got nothing done.


Secretaries of State of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

1: Malcolm Nichols(10)

-Malcolm Nichols is the former Mayor of Boston, a former Harborcratic Activist, and currently on the American Party Board. Shortly after the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was founded, Malcolm Nichols, along with several others, formed the Harbor Party which, after about a year, began to have major success in the political field and would soon compete with the Republican and Democratic Parties. Nichols was elected to the position of Secretary of the Interior in 3 ACI, and served there until 7 ACI. In 6 ACI he ran for President in 6 ACI to no avail. In 8 ACI, the Republican and Harborcratic parties merged to form the American Party, where Malcolm Nichols currently sits on its Board. Nichols left the position of Secretary of State following his promotion to Vice President, following the death of President Coolidge.

2: Edward Paul Revere(10-14)
Point Distribution(OOC)
Tech: 150 for 1940
Army: 200 for 2,000,000
Artillery: 25 for 7,500
Air Force:  100 for 10,000
Navy: 100(5 for 10 Destroyers, 10 for 10 Cruisers, 15 for 5 Battlecruisers, 20 for 4 Battleships, 10 for 1 Carrier, 20 for 10 Seaplane Tender, 20 for 60 Submarines)
Industry: 200

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State House Location Anounced!

BOSTON, SUFFOLK- Today, after much deciding through the legislature, it was decided that the "Old" State House was to be the seat of the Massachusetts government, as per multiple sources.

Today in Boston, A major step was taken towards the completion of the Bay State government. It was formally announced by Department of State's Ron Warren outside of Boston Public Library in this statement-



"After much debate, it is confirmed that the Old State House will be the seat of the Government. We simply decided that its historical importance would be great to share with others and would have a nice feel inside the building. That is about all."


It was a suprisingly short statement that was later questioned by press and other, smaller politicians.

Built in 1717, the State House was used as the Massachusetts seat for a while, before being turned to a mueseum. Possibly the most notable action in this buidings history is the Boston Massacre while the Bay Staters were fighing for independence and "No Taxation Without Representation". The history goes on and on.

With the new state house announced, what will be the use of the actual "New State House"? Well, although nothing is sure of, it is thought that it is expected that it will be used as a "Capitol Building", while the State House will be the residence of the President, Calvin Coolidge. Yet another speculation is that the President will not recieve a home, instead, live in a private residence, whie the New State House is the National Court Building.

Nothing is sure of as of yet, but here is The Boston Post reporting on this recent event.

Edited by Peter Ilyich
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BREAKING NEWS: Fenway Park Bombing!



FENWAY PARK, SUFFOLK: Today, only 43 hours after the announcement of the State House and completion of the government, a disaster has happened at Boston's Iconic Fenway Park.

Today, possibly the most tragic disaster in the history of Boston has occured. At 3:47PM Commonwealth Standard Time(CST), during the Boston Red Sox game versus a team from Maine, a bomb went off in the 5th row, directly behind home plate.

Then, at 4:01PM CST, shots, coming from an assult rifle, were fired into crowds of exiting people. So far there are no suspects, no known motive, and it is unknown how many victims exactly. To add on to problems, the government-issued healthcare is still in development and only about 40 percent of the population have it.

Currently investigators expect it has something to do with the recent sucess of the Massachusetts government. Another theory is that it was a religious attack to do with it being an attack on the large Christian population of the nation.

Investigators have begun by being sure that flights will be delayed for 24 hours and borders are closed for 48. They will investigate alongside Suffolk Senator Arthur Higgins, who was an intern at the Boston Police Department before he moved to politics.

This tragedy will be long remembered every day on January 5.

On a different note, this is a huge setback for the Red Sox organization, as new owner Thomas Yawkey has been doing quite a bit of rennovation within the past few years and this will likely cost them over 3,000,000 dollars in repairs. Some spectators said that they saw Thomas Yawkey being loaded to an ambulance in a stretcher, but if this is true is unknown.

Be prepared for more information as it comes on this story. We hope for the best of the victims and families of this disaster.

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120 Dead, 231 Wounded in Recent Fenway Park Bombing

BOSTON, SUFFOLK- The recent attack on Boston's Fenway Park was recently discovered to be worse than many thought, Boston Post reports.

The Fenway Bombing, coming to be known as the Fenway Massacre, was actually the greatest act of terrorism on Massachusetts in history, with 120 dead, and that number is rising. The bomber supposedly set off the bomb in just the 5th row, then went up top and just over 10 minutes later began shooting into the crowds. Many witnesses have been asking the question of "how". How did the man enter the building with gun. How did he get past security? Many have also been asking the common question of Why.

Unfortunately, there are still no suspects, but the investigators are getting closer as per sources. The ideal suspect, told to us by Eric Crawford, Criminal Profiler for the Suffolk County Police Depatment, is a mid to upper 20's Islamic Extremist. They likely targeted Fenway Park because it is a national icon and likely went after Massachusetts because over 85 percent of our population is Christian and another 6 percent is Jewish. This makes it the ideal target for one against both Christianity and Judiaism.

More information will come to you from the Boston Post as it happens here in Suffolk.


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Lead Suspect Found, Operation Manhunt Begins!

PLYMOUTH, PLYMOUTH- By the end of the day, the historical town of Plymouth may be in ruins, The Boston Post reports.

December 1620. That is the date the historical colony of Plymouth was founded by English Puritans. With a few restorations and touches, the colony as survived to this day and is mentioned in nearly every school in North America. However, it is quite likely that the town will be destroyed as Massachusetts troops march on to take out the lead suspect in the Fenway Massacre who has already killed over 120 people, and counting.

Abdur Raheem Hamed is a 27-year-old follower of Islam. He has resided in Maine for the past 12 years, but was born and raised in the Middle East.. Word has it that this was a case of Extremism, as he firmly believes as per multiple sources that the high Christian population should be eliminated. While the situation is being handled, the government has made it clear that they support all religions and know that Muslims are not the only extremists. However, the military must decide if they should decide upon protecting a historical town or taking out a threat to the nation.

During a tour of a historical building in the town, a not-to-be-named tour guide saw one of the doors supposed to be closed, open and when she looked in saw Hamed lying on the floor with a weapon on his chest. She promptly went to the police who informed the military, who had already identified him as there lead suspect after his mother stated that she thought he did it.

Hamed's cousin has been identified as working with him but not there at the bombing, and was taken into custody. He then stated-


"Abdur was a fool. I asked him if he knew the plan, and he said he did. Then he set off the bomb at the wrong place and next thing you know out entire plan is ruined. I am ashamed by his actions and he should be killed on the spot. Good luck Abdur."



Investigators are still working on finding out if they have more members to there plan. Meanwhile, Plymouth is surrounded by 300 soldiers, and most if not all civilians have been escorted out of the colony. Soldiers are currently working on finding the best route into the building he is in.

This situation will be solved shortly, but for now good luck to all those affected by this attack.

Edited by Peter Ilyich
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Islamic Republic and Initiative of Massachusetts Recognized, March on Plymouth

BOSTON, SUFFOLK- Recently, thanks to the work of Suffolk County Police, the terrorist group responsible for the Fenway Massacre has been unveiled as IRIM, or Islamic Republic and Initiative of Massachusetts, trying to create the Islamic Republic of Massachusetts. It contains over 40 percent of muslims in the nation.

After futher research, it is found that there target was not to be Fenway Park, but was going to be in Plymouth, however Abdur Hamed went to a Red Sox game with the bomb and set it off. Now, the rest of the group wants him killed.

We are still getting news on this topic, so come back often for updates.


PLYMOUTH, PLYMOUTH: Operation Manhunt, as per sources, has begun. Military has moved into Plymouth and will clear every building until they reach Plymouth Rock. Gunfire has been heard a few times, and troops have moved quickly through the first buildings.

As troops clear the next building, Corporal Foley would walk into a house. He cleared the first room, then the second. He turned into the next room and saw a shoe. He slowly advanced, but when he turned the corner, he heard a gun fire and as he turned and looked at the man firing at him. He had a few seconds of silence as him and the man exchanged glances, then the man fired and he fell over in pain. His eyes got blurry and he saw the man shoot his knees before everything going blank.

However, over in the next building over, Private Connors spotted who he thought was the terrorist and he was staring at the man. However, when that man turned and took a step to the right, there was a second man and they began shooting at him, in which he threw a grenade that went over and took them out. He then turned around to go back to his team but the last thing he saw was the face of the terrorist that blew up Fenway Park.



After a while of failure on Massachsetts end, they finally would regain there grip and take Plymouth back. In custody was all the members of IRIM that were in the city, including the one who blew up Fenway. What the future holds for the city of Plymouth is unknown as over half of it is destroyed by bombs, grenades, C4, and bullets.

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BOSTON,SUFFOLK- IRIM resistance in western Massachusetts was surrounded by army forces recently, The Post reports.
Recently, Calvin Coolidge ordered over five thousand troops to the western counties of Massachusetts to take on the Islamic Republic and Initiative of Massachusetts, or IRIM, the group responsible for the Fenway Bombing which led to almost two hundred deaths. Although the supposed leaders of the revolution were already captured in Plymouth. However, according to sources, forces encountered a very serious problem as IRIM forces are using civilians as human shields and threatening to kill them if forces advance any closer. So now Coolidge must face a dilemma: advance and risk killing innocent people or stand down and allow terrorists roam free.
One city, Plymouth, has already been destroyed while battle was going on and is currently rotting away while the government deals with the remaining forces in the west. This historical city is nearly abandoned and most of it is in ruins. It was one if the first colonies in the New World and could be the most important town in the Americas. Hopefully the nation is finding the right way to deal with it.

Edited by Ferdinand Foch
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Operation Bravo Manhunt Failure, IRIM Roams Free

PITTSFIELD, BERKSHIRE- After faced with a dilemma, the Massachusetts Army stands down to the Islamic Republic and Initiative of Massachusetts.

After surrounding the last remnants of the terrorist/islamic extremist group known as IRIM, The Massachusetts Army stood down after the group began threatening to kill innocent women and children, and using them as human shields. After the news reached Boston, Clavin Coolidge was quickly escorted to Pittsfield, the site of the inncodent, and demanded the troops stand down. After a success in Operation Manhunt back in Plymouth, the mission known as Operation Bravo Manhunt, or Operation Manhunt Bravo, wasa failure. Now IRIM could either be out of the country, or roaming free and plotting their next attack.

The groups intelligence of choosing their base to be right next to the border could not be passed up as it was likely they tried to sneak through the border into the American Enclave. So, in case they had not already passed through, Department of Homeland Securities Erik Lawson closed borders for up to 48 hours and delayed all flights out of the nation for up to 72, trapping the group inside. Then, the question was raised: If they want to take over Massachusetts, then why would they leave? Soldiers were then demanded to go from the farthest town west to the farthest east in search of the group. 2 hours later, the state house went on lockdown. 5 hours later, soldiers were filing into buildings in downtown Boston and marching through the streets. 6 hours later, all commuter rail trains going outbound from Boston were delayed. 32 minutes later after that all trains, even non-commuter, going outbound were delayed. This is all the information we have as of yet, we will keep you updated here at the Boston Post.

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts sends 4,000 soldiers to claim Haiti as a Commonwealth Protectorate. AKA soon to be annexed.


When ships from the Commonwealth appeared on the horizon, Mexican patrol boats sailed out to meet the ships. When learning about their idea to annex Haiti, the Mexican commander in Port-au-Prince relayed the following message.


"You are in violation of our territory. This is a Mexican protectorate zone. Turn back."


Meanwhile, reports were wired to the Mexican government on the mainland which issued a secondary report to the Commonwealth government.


"We understand that you have sought to annex Haiti, while this is surely a misunderstanding, we would like to invite the Commonwealth to become a greater part of North America by attending the Kingston Conference in Jamaica. If you would like to help solidify and stabilize the Americas."

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Death Count Reaches 200, Danger in the West?

BOSTON, SUFFOLK- Today in the John Hancock Hospital, The 200th death as a result of the Fenway Bombing/Shooting occured today, marking a milestone in terror in Massachusetts. It is a sad day indeed, and the government is working day and night to track down these people. We are searching homes from the west to the east and not negotiating with terrorists.

Recently, soldiers reached East Boston and have began searching there for the group known as IRIM. Whie this is happening, flights and borders have opened up once again and everything, besides the searching, is back to normal.

BERKSHIRE-A question was raised yesterday that is yet to be answered formally.

When President Coolidge addressed the public and answered questions, everything seemed normal. However, when one person asked if the western Massachusetts was all safe now for people to go, Coolidge failed to answer the question when he said that was unanswerable at the time. So, is the west safe? Is IRIM out of the region yet, or still there threatening to kill civilians?

Edited by Ferdinand Foch
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Protests in Maine as Harbor Party Gains Power in Legistature

BOSTON, SUFFOLK- Yesterday, there was an independence rally in Portland. This activity was executed by the recently rising Harbor Party, which was founded by the Boston Harbor supposedly 6 months ago and is focused on bringing the people of the former United States of America together again under a new United States. The protest was in front of the Judicial building in Portland, and was a peaceful protest. Participants were holding signes saying things such as "Bring us together" and "Teamwork Pays Off".

With this in mind, after the last elections in legislature, the Harbor Party is actually gaining power in legislature, with the current party positions being:



Republican: 27

Democratic: 21

Harbor: 10

Independent: 2


However, previous to the recent elections, the amount of members of legislature from each party were as stated below:



Republican: 29

Democratic: 28

Harbor: 2

Independent: 1


The Independents gained a member when Joshua Hardy switched to Independent from Republican. That made the Republican's lose a member before the elections. Somehow, out of the 14 elections that went on, Harbor Party gained 8 of them. With the Harbor Party gaining power in legislature and Democratic Party losing power, it is quite possible that in the next couple of years that the Harbor Party will pass up the Democrats. That will largly effect the government and how it is run Internally and Externally. Harbor Party participants will also pay close attention to the upcoming elections for Department of Agriculture, Department of Human Resource, and possibly the most important position for them, Department of the Interior. If the Harbor party gains its first cabinet members, they are well on their way to the overall power in the government. Another important detail to pay attention to is 78-year-old Cheif Justice Allen Carlson as he ponders the possibility of resignation, which would open up a position in the Judicial Branch as well.

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CMS Constitution Retired After Centuries of Service

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has had many ships in their Navy over the years, but none like the CMS Constitution, also known by it's nickname Old Ironsides. The ship was ordered March 1st of 1794 by the United States of America, and named by President George Washington in honor of the Constitution of the United States of America. However, since it was owned and operated by the United States, it was known as the USS Constitution. It is the oldest frigate the Commonwealth currently has.

In 1881, Old Ironsides was retire from active duty with a flawless record. There it served as a receiving ship until the United States government fell, and she was abandoned at the Charlestown Navy Yard. The Massachusetts government, at the time of its founding, immediately took Old Ironsides and added it to their navy. Although not in any "real" wars since the Commonwealth era began, it was assisted in defending the coasts, including Cape Cod and Boston Harbor. Once last year it got in a battle with an unidentified naval ship, later found to be named The Independence.

Recently, the ship was declared "not up to code" by the Naval Command and was thus has not sailed since. However, just a couple of days ago the ship was announced to be retired and turned into a museum to be completed sometime next year.

It is required that when any ship is retired that there is a replacement built under a similar class. The replacement is already being built, and Vice President Percival Proctor Baxter has named it the CMS Constellation, named after original USS Constellation, which was, as well as the Constitution, one of the 6 original frigates authorized under the Naval Act of 1794.

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Meeting the Mastermind Behind the Harbor Party

CAMBRIDGE, SUFFOLK-Although many characteristics behind that day the Harbor Party was founded had remained secret and unknown, one more piece of the oversized puzzle has been fitted as the true founder and Chief Officer of the Harbor Party has announced himself as such.

Former Mayor of Boston Malcolm Nichols(1926-1930), born in the late nineteenth century, announced just the other day that he is the official founder of the Harbor Party and is also the Chief Officer. He said that he was supposed to be one of the six Officers there on Founders Day, however the proposed Chief Officer backed out and the remaining officers elected him. Some more highlights of his announcement are-


"I was the one that came up with the idea."


"No, I will not publicly announce the others names. We have no intention of giving each other more attention than we need."


"Why am I announcing this? Well, this is because I have every intention of running for Department of the Interior in January."


"Yes, I did consult with by fellow members. We will be having a Bay Convention next month, get your questions answered there."


He apparently will be running for Department of the Interior, hopefully for his party giving them their first cabinet seat in the nations history. Besides Mayor of Boston, Nichols actually does not have much political experience at all, which should be a large setback coming up on January, next month. The race is heating up as the members from each party have now announced their running. Get it all as we track all 30 states and their outcomes and results from the election!

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Polls Open for Cabinet Elections

AROOSTOOK- Yesterday the first of the elections began as the states of Aroostook, Washington, Penobscot, and Somerset were the first to have polls opened up. Options will include the Republican, Democratic, and Harbor party candidates for the positions of Department of Agriculture, Human Resources, and Department of the Interior. The next states to begin elections will be tomorrow when Piscataquis, Waldo, Hancock, Franklin(Maine), and Kennebec. Then, early next month when the states of eastern Massachusetts such as Suffolk head to the polls, the legislature voting will begin in the states currently voting for cabinet. This method has been termed the "Domino Effect".

Going in the Department of Agriculture department is Paulette Thompson for re-election, front-runner in the democrat community. For the Republicans is Riley Garret, and Harbor party is Joseph McBride. By far, the front-runner in this race so far has been Riley Garret, who is known for his leadership skills and speaking skills, however Paulette Thompson is not doing bad. The Human Resources race is a blow-out as the republican candidate Henry Green bowed out. Not to mention the Harbor Party candidate is struggling to manage his time. Obviously, Democrat Will Flores for re-election should be winning this.

The most interesting, by far, is the Department of the Interior. This one is likely to be the closest of them all as all three candidates are doing quite well, especially Harbor Party member Malcolm Nichols, even considering he announced his intention to run just 3 weeks ago. For re-election, Peter Logan has been representing the Republican Party well while cooperating alongside other politicians, especially president Coolidge. Logan has taken a lot of the weight since Calvin Coolidge left for Kingston a while ago, while attempting to keep himself out of the spotlight. These two will definitely be in a race, right down to the wire.

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(OOC: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts was my favorite nation ever, so I have intentions to occasionally post for them despite the inactivity of CNRP'40)



The second global collapse came as a shock to much of the world, and the people of Boston didn't understand how it happened. President Coolidge would send out a telegram hoping to discover if any nations survived the fall besides themselves.

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The Spanish Empire had been kept together by Carlos Mendoza's regime, the might of old empire stood as its neighbors fell around it. After hearing the message from Massachusetts a reply would be given.



"We are glad to see the Commonwealth is still standing, know that our empire still stands as well" 

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Annexations, 1/7

Connecticut- Movements into Connecticut would commence with the announcement of official annexation of the territory. This would excite the people of both Massachusetts and the state itself. Soldiers, counting up to 7,000 of them, would move to protect the state.


Rhode Island- Rhode Island would be addressed formally by Calvin Coolidge in which he stated that Rhode Island was to be annexed as a territory before being considered for statehood. Rhode Island citizens were skeptical at first, but would likely get used to Massachusetts occupation.


New Hampshire- New Hampshire had for a long time been considered for being annexed to Massachusetts. It wasn't until now that that hope came true, and for many Harbor Party followers, this was the first step in bringing back the United States of America.


Vermont- Vermont was a state that was never seriously considered for annexation, only the occasional rumor and occasional discussion in Congress, however this was never actually expected to happen. Annexation was now to happen, and Massachusetts would move troops into the region..


New York- Possibly the most surprising annexation was that of New York, which surprised even Percival Proctor Baxter, vice president. Nevertheless, a census of New York would be held.


Pennsylvania- The state was to be progressed slowly, however it was confirmed that this area would be annexed. A census would be completed, as well as representatives for the Territory to be set in place.


All- This surprising news brought all Harbor Party members, and most others, that some form of a New United States was being set in place. This would cause excited uprisings in the streets of Boston.

Edited by Peter Ilyich
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