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There are Germans in Mexico [falling in love with your daughter]


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With the Tikalian monopoly and superpower status in the Americas, the Saxons saw the central power of Tikal as the obvious choice for expanding operations outside of Europe. A high-level meeting was arranged between the two nations to discuss trade relations, shipping, and other matters of interest to the benefit of both nations.


[spoiler]This has nothing to do with the Greenland RP, which is optional recognition and separate.[/spoiler]

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The Prince decided to humour the Europeans, agreeing to a meeting. Using the Principal Concorde, he travelled over the Atlantic to Saxony's capital for the meeting. As usual, he was accompanied by four personal Guard of the Ba'ate'xiib, and numerous servants, this time 72 in number.

Tikal hadn't had good experiences with Europeans in the past, and the Prince went into the meeting with an appropriate mindset.

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