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Back in the Summer of 2012...


...when Dierks Bentley bestrode the Earth like a colossus and the NSA only spied on other countries, a few of us over at Invicta had a crazy idea.  Why not start a fake internet radio show, something like Bootleg Radio, only with less talent and professionalism?  And boy, did we!
Jorost & Friends debuted on June 1st, 2012, and with our powerful 100,000-watt pretend transmitter, we beamed our signal out to literally tens of homes around the world.  I hosted, which since the show was named Jorost & Friends seemed like the logical choice, joined by a regular panel consisting of Nascar8FanGA (aka President Gunn), King Biscuit (aka the Midnight Beard — more on that later), Chax, and Liz, who played the girl.  Well, okay, she and Nas played the girls.
Together we talked about Cyber Nations and real world stuff, interviewed guests, played music, and did on-air comedy sketches, some live but most prerecorded.  We became known among at least a dozen people with nothing better to do on a Friday night for our parody commercials and our, um, lack of political correctness.  To put it politically correctly.  Which I rarely do on air.
And now we are doing it all over again.
We have a fancy new website designed by Invicta's own Princess Michael Anastasia von Preußen, who slaved away over hot pixels for days working out the details.  I spent about an hour just watching that opening animation when she first showed it to me.  I am in awe of her talents and indebted to her hard work.  She also did our slick logos.  So we look professional even if we're still a bunch of shmucks.  :)
The new season of Jorost & Friends starts tonight at 10PM Eastern, streaming live at the new site.  The format will be the same as before, with segments of talk interspersed with music and comedy.  GeniusInc., host of The Apathy Report,will be joining us, and I will be doing a telephone interview with former President Bill Clinton.  Some of you might have heard him on the show before.  If not, and you have nothing better to do on a Friday night, I hope you'll join us!
That's Jorost & Friends, 10PM Eastern, on the Jorost Radio Network.  (Yeah, I know it's lame, but they make me say it.  Stupid suits in corporate.)
Before THAT, please join my friend King Biscuit, aka the Midnight Beard, as he spins and talks music on the aptly-named The Midnight Beard, starting at 8PM eastern, also on JRN.
So come and get your fill of Invictans polluting the Interwebz with their inane chatter!  And yes, there will be teasing of Nas.  So much teasing.

The Midnight Beard, 8pm-10pm Eastern

Jorost & Friends, 10pm-12am Eastern

Jorost Radio Network



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I know what you're probably thinking, but it's actually pretty good :awesome:


I make no promises.



Also, evidently you're not supposed to use all caps in topic titles.  My bad.  :(

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