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Romans are OP

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Double May May

Also known as "Two wars in one round? What a time to be alive", and other related names.

Our CB is simple. Komplex, leader of Ordo Paradoxia, invited me to attack him and his members.

It's so obvious. He was just asking for it in our last DoW. He was upset we didn't hit them sooner.

"You wannna go to war, we take you to war.."

I couldn't say it better myself.

-KiWi, Emperor
-ADude, Koreaboo of the empire
-Staccs, guy
-Raggy, gal
-Stelios, anything you want Edited by King William
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Now its complete lol :P
Seems like that Scarface quote perfect for our war ! :)

I just wanted a (mis)quote from you :)

If you lifted it yourself or not, weighs not on my conscience!
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