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Two Abrahamic Brothers


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"The Kingdom of Yugoslavia is pleased to see the good people of the Red Sea Republic extending such a grand offer to us. In response, a diplomatic embassy has been allocated to be constructed in the following months within the newly established Red District within the good city of Beograd.

Upon that being said, we hope for future and positive relations as I will personally visit your country to establish and cement relations.

As they say, wa 'alaykum salaam, I do believe is the right response."

HM Kralj Dragojev Belojevic

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The plane to Aden from Beograd landed after a flight time of five and a half hours. Upon its arrival, the Kralj of Yugoslavia exited his plane, quite comfortable as the usual procedures for entering an airport were done without much fanfare. With said procedures done and over with, the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and his entourage swiftly headed for the airport exit, intent on heading towards the provided embassy by the gracious Republic.

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The Kralj would find the embassy near many others which looked quite similar. However, the Yugoslavian embassy was very different. Inside waited President El-Amin of the RSR, drinking coffee at a light wooden table and conversing with his translator. Outside were several guards, but not too many as to arouse suspicion. They were on orders to welcome the Yugoslavian Kralj and his party into the embassy.
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Polite pleasantries and handshakes were exchanged as the Kralj and his entourage entered the lobby of their designated embassy, the group of the Republic's dignitaries and the group from Yugoslavia swiftly heading towards the meeting room.

As they entered Dragojev Belojevic, the Kralj of the Kraljevina Jugoslavija smiled politely at the President of the Red Sea Republic, Abd al-Malik Iqbal El-Amin.

The Kralj then did something most did not expect of him to do as a Sovereign, he bowed towards the President before returning to his original position.

"As-salamu alaykum, President El-Amin. It's a pleasure to finally be able to meet you and on this grand occasion," he stated in greetings towards his Abrahamic brother-in-faith, "I must say, things have quite obviously occurred rapidly across the world as it were," he hinted ominously as he raised a hand, a folder filled with documents in his grasp.

"I believe you'll know what I am talking about soon enough."

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