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Rising Sun, Rising Moon


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To: Principality of Tikal; Directorate of Diplomacy


From: Foreign Affairs Department, Imperium of Japan


Topic: Diplomatic Relations


To whom it may concern,


The Imperium of Japan has risen from the ashes of the last war, and seeks formal relations with all who inhabit the Pacific Ocean, as Tikal was a historical power in the region, and as a rising one ourselves, we hope for a meeting between our nations to discuss matters of Pacific trade and stability.


With great regards

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Osamu Saito

Imperium of Japan

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To: Foreign Affairs Department, Imperium of Japan

From: Principality of Tikal; Directorate of Diplomacy


Topic: Re: Diplomatic Relations




Esteemed Osamu Saito,


In the diplomatic missive sent by your diplomatic envoys, your nation expressed interest in realizing a meeting to establish formal relations between your nation and the Principality of Tikal.

After careful deliberation, the Ajaw and the Ix'ajaw, Prince and Princess of the Principality of Tikal, have decided to grace your request with their agreement.

Her Serene Highness, Ix'ajaw ichil Tikal, Cihuatlatoani Tlahtoloyan, Embodiment of Awilix, shall travel to the Stormlands in 5 days' time, arriving by means of a specially-built Concorde, the only means of long-distant air travel fit for Her Grand Highness. With her shall come six fully armed and armoured members of the Royal Guard, as well as 66 of Ix'ajaw Shana'Kin Yaxchel Ik'nal's most trusted servants.


By the authority vested in me by Their Sublime Highnesses

Director of Diplomacy,

Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Principality of Tikal




As announced, seven days later a heavily modified Concorde would travel from Dawn and Dusk over the Pacific ocean to Tokyo, carrying with it the Princess and her entourage.

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The size of the diplomatic party created some unique problems for the Japanese government, at most they were used to transporting a party of six, the 75 in member Tikal envoy would require a slightly different mode of transportation. A private train would be required, then 2 specialized buses, originally designed to transport Japanese military forces, they would find use for the diplomatic party instead. Upon arrival at the Imperial Palace, Osamu Saito would greet the Princess, bowing deeply. "Welcome to the Imperium of Japan, your Highness. Her Imperial Majesty has requested a private meeting between you, if you accept we will skip the traditional receiving hall meeting and You will be brought to the Chigusa Chidori Drawing Room, which has been setup to allow a light meal and tea for you two to discuss matters of state."

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The Princess in turn cupped her hands, placing the right in the left, so greeting Osamu as Tikal's traditions demanded. "In lak'ech ala k'in, esteemed Foreign Affairs Minister Saito. Thank you for your warm welcome. Considering the circumstances, I would not mind if the traditional meetings were omitted for today. I am looking forward to meeting Her Imperial Majesty."

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The Princess would be escorted into the Chigusa Chidori Drawing Room, an intricately designed room containing coffered ceilings, parquet floors, Meiji era paintings, and chandeliers. Near the center of the room was a moderately sized table with two chairs, the Empress stood upon the entrance of the Princess, she bowed from the waist slightly for 2 seconds, ""In lak'ech ala k'in, Esteemed Princess Shana'Kin Yaxchel Ik'nal of Tikal, The All-Illuminating Moon, Ix'ajaw ichil Tikal, Cihuatlatoani Tlahtoloyan, Embodiment of Awilix, Embodied Divine ti Lu’um, Greatest of Judges, Protector and Mother of all Maya, Protector from Xibalba, Defender of the Popol Vuh, Keeper of K’iinil, Welcome to my humble country."

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For a few moments upon entering, the Princess stopped to look at the room now surrounding her, either out of interested or by being impressed.

But these moments passed and she was guided to the vacant chair, smiling as the Empress stood. Once the Empress had finished recounting all these titles - some of which she mis-pronounced quite funnily, though Ik'nal would never admit or show it - the Princess cupped her hands again as she had done earlier with Saito, though this time bowing slightly.

"In lak'ech ala k'in, Empress Hoshiko. Imperial Majesty, Daughter of Amaterasu, Prophet of Takamagahara, Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Precious Crown, Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure. It is a great honour to be received by you personally." Afterwards, she sat on the vacant chair with a smile.

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Sitted back down at the table she smiled across at her counterpart. "Heads of State should be met by their equals, In my opinion at least. Your visits timing has come at an interesting time in the future of the Imperium, and your show of unity with us over the growing crisis over Taiwan and Hong Kong is appreciated. The Ministry of Defense has assured me the facilities at Kure, Hiroshima and Sasebo, Nagasaki will be more than adequate to house your fleet for the time being, The Imperium has no interest in bloodshed but it appears our counterparts across the Yellow Sea do not feel the same.


The original intent of this meeting was to form a common economic and diplomatic framework between Tikal and Japan, in the past Tikal was an economic giant standing alongside that of the hyperpowers of the day, we have every expectation that you will return to that mantle shortly, our own economy has grown massively since our return to the global stage has risen to one of the largest in the world, together we would make a powerful force when it comes to the production of anything.


To be candid, we had hoped, not in this meeting but in the future, to find an agreement with Tikal and every nation in the Pacific in order to ensure that peace reigns throughout our mutual ocean, the Europeans have had three wars already since the rejuvenation of our world. The Pacific has already a minor one between Hawaii and Philippines, two children fighting over nothing, but I fear the Chinese are not so harmless, nor do I feel their moves against Hong Kong and Taiwan, two regions whom have not been allowed the democratic right to choose their future, will be their last aggressive action."

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"I will inform my husband and the admiral of the harbours provided for the fleet. Thank you for this. As the Imperium, the Principality hopes that the Chinese see reason, but I fear that they are too proud and stubborn to let go of their ridiculous vision of 'One China'." She sighed and closed her eyes for a moment.

"Regardless, I would be glad to negotiate a treaty of trade and friendship today, to lay the foundation for more in the future. We do indeed intend to return to our previous strength, though the path there will be a difficult and long one. Among others, it is a priority to return the lost lands of old to Tikal, if at all possible and so desired by the populations. This time around, however, we intend to be less isolationist. As has been proven very recently, some nations risen from the ashes have or had plans to establish colonies in places whose populations do not desire to be under a foreign yoke.

"The Americas have, as you likely noticed, thus been placed under our protection from those who would exploit the people of these continents. Despite this we do not desire war with others - as the compromise in Quebec shows. Still, I can only say that we were lucky the French were reasonable about it. I can only hope that the Chinese will similarly find that their desires do not supersede those of the people they wish to conquer. Peace in the Pacific is a noble goal. I expect that together, Japan and Tikal can make this a reality, in convincing our fellow Pacific nations of this need. Only in peace do nations truly prosper and grow. The old adage that progress happens only in war is just that: Old and outdated."

After replying to what the Empress had brought up, Ik'nal brought out a golden hair brooch forged to emulate a star in shape, several yellow and orange gemstones inlaid into it, as well as showing engravings in classic Maya style. The centre of the brooch was a large, milky crystal that, even for an amateur's eyes, might appear without flaw, though with only little worth. Certainly not worthy to be surrounded by all these magnificent gems in the brooch.

[OOC: Like this brooch, only a milky-white center stone. And with Maya symbols engraved on it and all that.]

"Forgive me that I remembered this gift only now, but I am not quite used to the tradition of giving gifts upon visits. And do not be offended by the stone in its centre - it is far more special than its looks suggest. The many siblings this crystal has are what powers our nation. The secret hidden within are what enables us to cast off the shackles of all other sources of energy. Coal, gas, oil, fission and even the fabled nuclear fusion - the power that fuels the very Sun and gave this world life. All pale in the face of what this little stone can summon. Its worth is great. Greater even than you might imagine. Without these, without the Harmony Cores they enable, Tikal would not be as it is. Keep it safe."

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Kazuko tried not to be completely wide eyed at the beautiful brooch, listening intently. finally smiling once the Princess finished speaking. "I am honored to receive such a treasure, I will wear it whenever I must give public speeches, as a symbol of our friendship. No need to ask for forgiveness for anything, the tradition has always been somewhat overwhelming to me, I feel as though most of the things I have received belong in museums instead of in my possession.  While on the subject of Fusion Power, I had hoped we could find an agreement to provide Japan with a few of these power plants, while Fission meets our power requirements, Fusion is of course much safer and with the densely populated area that is Japan such a technology would benefit us greatly. I also would like to offer Guam and Palau to the TIkal, They will make decent footholds for your navy, should you require a more forward base of operations, upon a resolution we would prefer the return of these islands to Japanese control."


The Empress pulled out a sheet of paper with a typewritten treaty upon it, handing it over to the Princess. "I had this made up before your arrival, we have discussed nearly everything besides the Space Travel, while we have made strides to resume our own Space Program, I recalled Tikal was... quite advanced in those matters, as such I felt it would be an appropriate subject to discuss and potentially include into a treaty with your nation, Japan has one of the largest manufacturing capabilities of high technology in the world, and with your expertise I believe we could quickly join you in searching the stars."

Article I: Non-Aggression
The undersigned agree not to take aggressive action, overt or covert, against each other.
Article II: Economic and Scientific Cooperation
Both signatory parties agree to create the necessary infrastructure for civil cooperation between scientists and to make possible exchanges of data and personal for common benefit.
Both signatory parties may provide economic aid and/or humanitarian assistance in times of national emergency when deemed necessary by the concerned party.
Both signatory parties agree to work together more closely in the matters of space exploration.
Article III: Intelligence Sharing
Should any covert or overt threat be made to a signatory by a third party, it is the duty of the other signatory to share any information they may have on the threat.
Article IV: Pacific Collaboration
Both signatory parties agree to work together to strengthen relations between the nations of the Pacific in order to promote a safer mutual ocean, with the intent of keeping the Pacific war free and stable.
Article V: Cancellation
This agreement holds indefinitely, but can be cancelled by any of the two signatory parties at any point of time, provided notice has been given to the other signatory party at least 1 year in advance.
Signed By:
Imperium Of Japan:

Principality of Tikal:

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"It would certainly be possible to build fusion power plants in Japan, especially ones that would need only minimal maintenance. In regards to Guam and Palau, I accept your offer. The islands will indeed be useful bases for the duration of the crisis." She smiled. 


Then, when the Empress brought the treaty out, Shana'kin gently took the document, looking it over. "Tikal has, in fact, already re-established its foothold in the aether. Several colonies thought abandoned have been recovered and brought back into the fold" Her eyes wandered further down the paper. "We could aid you in building the basis for a strong aether program, that is certain." Smiling, she took a gel pen and signed the treaty, with only some of her titles to save time. There was nothing to complain about. 


Ix'ajaw ichil Tikal

Shana'Kin Yaxchel Ik'nal

All-Illuminating Moon, Cihuatlatoani Tlahtoloyan, Embodiment of Awilix

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